The God-Above-All:

The All-Father (in the North), Shangdi (in Mizrath), Elia (in Hirania and the Desert)

The Vanatru:

Nerthus (god of sea and sky) (king of the Vanatru)

Leto (wife of Nerthus)

Iduna (daughter of Nerthus and Leto) (goddess of the hunt, war, and wisdom)

Zin (a.k.a. Selene) (goddess of the moon)

Inanna (a.k.a. Turan) (goddess of the evening star, love, femininity, and fertility)

Atarsamain (a.k.a. Inge in the North) (god of the morning star, masculinity, farming, and labor) (husband of Inanna)

Tiwaz (a.k.a. Zio, a.k.a. Cyo) (god of single combat)

The Ansuzi:

Dispater (god of punishing broken oaths and the underworld) (a.k.a. Orcus)

Apollyon Cernunnos (son of Nerthus and Leto) (betrayed the Vanatru and joined the Ansuzi) (god of youth, archery, and plagues) (redeemed and rejoined the Vanatru before dying)

Enyo (or Duellona in the West) goddess of horror, blood, and destruction of towns)

The Djin:

Mikelia (Elia's likeness) (leader of the Djin)

The Evil Djin:

Baphomet (Ram) (Often seen as a leader amongst the evil Djin)

Demogorgon (his name is taboo)

The Dis: (savage female spirits) (Race which includes the "Choosers of the Slain", "Vampires", banshees, "Fates", and the Sith spirits of the Mounds)

Venerated Humans:

Galgor (perished Troatian King) (venerated as a guardian of the sea and the Troatian people by the Troatians)

Izdubar (immortal warrior) (venerated as a man of great power and purpose) (widespread belief he sleep in the "bosom of the earth"

Everborne (the immortal Emperor) (considered to be the one man most connected to the world of the gods) (widespread belief that he continues to wander the world searching for good people to reward)