I finished packing my things in a tube-shaped black fabric bag, going over my room one more time to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Mirielle had left a half hour ago, the two of us having said our temporary goodbyes. I still wasn't completely sure what exactly she was going to be doing here, though I know she was more than going to have her hands full with the river and the rest of it. Some part of me knew that I didn't have to know or understand all of her job, just like she didn't have to know or understand all of mine. It all connected, all interconnected, and would work out perfectly in the end.

Jana and Nai had both already left, Hazel and family were leaving next week, and Ailsa and her mom were moving in a couple days (I still don't know how they talked her brother into returning to school). They were pretty much just waiting on the moving truck. Though how they were getting into the city itself, I had no idea. Course, I didn't really know how I was getting into the college Talnorr was staying at, either, I just knew I was.

I took a deep breath, knowing from the conversation I'd had with harmony the day before that she would put my double up here the moment I was gone so it would be instantaneously seamless. I still felt bad about doing this to Dad and Kiri, but I knew there wasn't any other way, not without worrying them half to death, and they deserved better than that. Than any of this, really, but I couldn't do much about that.

So I walked over to my nightstand, closed my eyes, and teleported over to Boston where harmony had told me the college was located. And lo and behold, there it was. Or rather, the large energy dome was... and it was completely surrounded by the media. I sighed. Figures.

I hefted my bag up on my arm a bit further and wordlessly trudged towards the mass, which I knew there was no getting around.

I was only a third of the way through them before they realized what I was doing and, well, what I was, to a lesser extent. Somehow I managed to get through them without answering any of the barrage of questions they threw at me, and I hoped to god that harmony had a way of keeping any photos they had snapped of me from my dad. I walked into the archway confidently, or as confidently as I could manage, and into the campus grounds. I was internally shocked to see that it worked perfectly... that I had gotten through completely unharmed and--

A man with a weird blue symbol on his forehead walked up to me. "Maam, what is your reason for being on campus? According to my records, you're not enrolled here, or--"

I smiled slightly. "I'm here to help Talnorr with his problem."


I nodded. "The aspect of harmony showed me the potential future. Talnorr's uncle is going to suck this place dry getting to his nephew unless we do something to stop him. That's why I'm here."

"That explains how you got in." He muttered and sighed. "Let me guess, you don't wish to enroll?"

"No, harmony has a version of me going to high school in Ferndale, Washington, which she is going to merge with my memories later. Don't worry about that. I do think I'm going to be here for a while, though, so it would be nice if I could get a room...?"

He chuckled. "I'll see what I can do." He put a hand on my shoulder. "Come, I think the president will pull a few strings once he hears your story considering you're talking about his future son-in-law. I'll introduce you."

I smiled. "I really, really, appreciate that."

He nodded and led me off in what I assumed was that direction. "Not as much as I appreciate harmony sending you. She told me before we came here that she might be sending someone our way eventually."

"You know her too?"

He shrugged. "Most of the aspects, actually. And from what you're wearing, I can see you're her champion. You have no idea how relieved a lot of people are going to be when they see you."

"How many people were expecting me?" I asked in surprise.

He smiled. "Only the few who know you exist."


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