After what seemed like hours I opened my eyes to see nothing but darkness, black abyss of despair. Trying to recap what had happened I closed my eyes and opened them again and found myself standing in the local park. Sunlight crept through the trees, and even though it was soft my eyes still watered momentarily.

Trying to think how and why I was there, a sudden pain like a pitchfork going into the back of my mind, prevented me finding that answer.

It was spring. The trees had new lush green foliage and the flowers were all in full bloom. Walking past the tulips a waft of perfume crept up my nose making me smile, like a half forgotten memory, I kept walking. The park was busy with families having picnics, playing with soccer ball, chasing each other. That's when I remembered that I had to get home. I looked at my watch, which I obviously had forgotten to put on. I turned right at the end of the path to walk down my street. As I was walking things seemed…older. The trees were taller, the flowers more abundant than I remembered.
I looked at the weeping willow in the Jordan's front yard. The branches touching the ground, yet last time I remember I was still jumping to try and reach them. Slightly fazed, I kept walking and stopped in front of my house. Something wasn't right. The paint was peeling off the fence and the windows seemed darker. Maybe I just never took notice before…

Snapping out of my daydream I went to open the gate only to have a piece of paint fall into my hand. "What on earth?" I thought. Dad would never let this happen to the house.

It was quiet as I walked over the front lawn. So quiet that I swear I could hear the trees whispering warnings to me. The thought creeped me out, I got a sudden feeling of such insignificance, that if I died right here and now, no one would ever notice. I felt so alone…

I walked all the way to the front door, reached out for the handle and froze. A feeling of absolute fear took over me. I wanted to run and hide and never be found. "What is wrong with me?" I thought. "The door can't hurt me". So I grabbed the handle opened the door, walked in, and closed the door behind me. "See it wasn't that bad" I told myself. I could smell chicken roasting, so I walked over and into the kitchen.

I froze.

I screamed.

I could not believe my eyes.

Though I screamed, no one looked around to see where it came from. It was like they couldn't hear me.

And right before my eyes was…well me.

I could not describe it. It was like I was looking into a mirror, except that my reflection was eating dinner…with my family.

Everyone was there. Mum, Dad, Joe, Tiffany and even Sammie the dog! All eating dinner with me.


An impostor!

An impostor was having dinner with my family. They thought it was me! Long brown hair, bright green eyes and that little freckle on her nose. Hey if I wasn't me, I would have believed it was me!

Nothing in the would could have prepared me for what happened next. The intruder looked around and stared straight at me, with everyone following suite.


My families' stares were eating away at me piece by piece. Mum went to stand up but the impostor held her hand and indicated for her to stay seated. She did. The impostor got up and walked over to me. 10 feet away, 7, 4, until she was right up next to my face. She or it just stood there. Unblinking.

Mine I thought.

My family.



"Why are you here?" I managed to say, tears spilling from my eyes.

"You left them alone, let them rot to the bone" it said monotonously.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" I begged.

"These people here are now my kin. Leave now or I shall commit a sin" it replied standing still as a statue.

"Fine be like that! With your stupid riddles! But I forbid you to take away what is rightfully mine!" I screamed starting to get scared.

I was starting to get really angry now, but all it did was just stand there and turn its head towards the front door.

"I am waring you now, leave or find, you will leave this family permanently behind."

That was it. I don't know what made me snap, but I swung my arm around and punched it right in the stomach. But my hand kept going and went right through the impostor's body. The impostor's face started sinking back into its head, like there was a vacuum behind its head. Its smile contracted and expanded so fast that it exploded.

In one bright flash darkness engulfed me.

At first I was afraid to open my eyes. I finally opened them very slowly only to find myself alone in the kitchen, with my head on the dinner table. I looked up at the clock and it read 3:27am.

Not knowing what on earth happened I looked at the table scattered with books and paper, the whole contents of my school bag and noticed what my head was lying on. A book labelled "Ancient Egypt: Curses and Riddles."

Confused, I got up from the table and then turned around and crashed right into Mum.

We both screamed.

"Jesus Cami! You gave me a heart attack!" then she went over to the fridge, opened it, took some milk out and started to make herself a hot chocolate.

She went about like nothing before had happened, so I ran over to her and gave her a really tight hug. At first Mum just stood there surprised but slowly rapped her arms around me too.

Taking in the perfume and the smell of her shampoo, I started to cry.

"Honey what's wrong" mum asked gently.

But I couldn't get the word out. I was just so happy that she was there in my arms, and that no one had taken her away after all.

"Cami, this isn't like you what's happened?" she asked again.

I looked up into her confused eyes and asked "What do you mean?"

"Well, you've been so snappy and angry lately. You've barely said 3 words to any of us all week."

It's then I realised.

"I'm so sorry Mum for pushing you all away. I don't know what been with me lately. All this studying and all the tests at school…I just didn't want to disappoint you and Dad…" I said trailing off.

"Cameron you could never disappoint your father and I. We love you. Always." And with that said we shared another hug.

I now realise how close I came to pushing them all away. That dream showed me what could have happened…minus the doppelganger and all. But things were now going to change.

The End