Eternally Bleeding

Wake up in a blood soaked bed
Wonder what made it so wet
Remembered I had cried blood that night
Because I had realized I'll never see the light
As I am to be in darkness forever
And you, my love, I can't see ever

Alone in darkness here I lay
Watching how I slowly decay
Your sad face appears in my mind
But I know you can't be by my side
For I am damned to be alone
In this self-made darkness of roan

Sorrowful screams from you I hear
And down my cheek rolls a silver tear
Me, you said you wanted to save
And you, my love, are the only one I crave
But you shall never hold me in your arms
As I will only do you harm

I feel your wet tears on my bare skin
Loving you seems like a mortal sin
I hear you cry inside my head
See your tears so dark and red
Watching each single one of them fall
Makes me feel so miserable and small

Never will I be yours and you never mine
Inside I heard my soul bitterly whine
So all alone I walked to a sheer
My heart, my soul and you I began to fear
If I can't have you nobody shall have me
This is how I want it to be

Forgive me for my self-survivng suicide
Which so painfully did us divide
Only this way I can heal your wounds from bleeding
And stop you from your self-deceiving
Alone for now you'll have to be
But you will forget me, you will see

Forever bleeding I will be
Longing for you, my love, to be with me
But one day you will join me in death
And none of what we did we will regret
Eternally bleeding my heart will be
Until you will finally be with me