A.N:ties to my bunch of haikus "tainted summer".these people aren't from our time,i just thought i'd let you know.

"wild hearted girl"

saint sebstian climbed up her walls of ivy on a hazy-dark-summer night
she was hot,eager and curious
and he satisfied her demands and he tainted her very -perfect-and-pale-but-with-a-sheen-to-it skin
she was justalltoowilling,you see

and he corrupted her
although she was quite willing to be corrupted
but it isn't a word he would have chosen himself

and he touched her almost everywhere &
just so he could boast about it too
(anyone who would) just listen
to him

& she was doomed from the moment
that he came inside
her skin.

& she was cursed from the second he spoke her name
and she answered it
it reminded her that she was who she was & nothing could ever actually change that
even though she was in his company daily it was just for a month
or so
no more

the pretty little word that meant the world is
as are the promises she made in CHURCH
yes yes yes yes & yes she
b r o k e
a holy vow but
were j u s t wo-rd-s

the disease of corruption is a plague and unstoppable for
once you have been tainted
and--why shouldn't someone else go through what you have lost
and so she passed on the words (and actions) that her heart was
killed with.

and last year he WAS saint sebastian
shot through with arrows and left to die
for the love of a girl
and now the agony has vanished......
he had to banish it from his mind in case they were caught &

"that was wise of you,be sure she continues to stay out of your mind,that girl is no more."

"as lost as saint sebastian?"
"We understand each other."

now she watches at the window every night just in case he might
call her name from
higher depths than she
in which for one night he would rule the earth

it is cold outside and the summer nights used to be warm and full of heavy&dangerous flower-scent
but it is autumn now goingonWINTER
& it is full of dep ress ion
because now saint sebastian isn't here with his beautiful smooth skin and his unique softness there is no-one to call her name
and realise she is already rotting away inside and that
they were the cause of it

and she misses the agonised whisper against her lips when she had already secretly long forgiven
"I'm so sorry"
are words she aches for inside
and all beautiful taintedness
would catch up with her in the end.

&she is broken and torn limb from limb inside as they have crumbled away to dust together

&so the hazysummernights are ended much to her disapointment now she is drenched in depression
and many young men sigh&burn for her
just as he does


it was her virginity that brought about all the sorrow that she called life,or the end of her own
or rather
the lack of it.