I believe in nothing but I believe in everything,
that not believing is not the truth,
that nobody should hide behind a brick wall but hide behind a glass one.

I believe that evil minds will triumph over the good ones,
that our futures are sometimes in the hands of others,
that sometimes, it's not worth it and sometimes it is.

I believe that time is fatal to our hearts,
that nothing ever is as it seems,
that simple people make the world a simple place,
that it's okay to bean mean, it's okay to be lonely, okay to be afraid.

I believe that nothing is okay, that nobody is okay,
that more hearts turn to glass than to stone.

I believe that everybody could equally be doomed or destined for anything,
that your words have already been used in someone else's eye,
that perfection is the greatest of all sins.

I believe that death is not worth dying for,
that life is sometimes not worth living for,
that truth is not worth giving for;
that our minds are the B-side to our hearts
and breathing is fun when you're bored;
that nobody deserves anything and everybody deserves nothing.

I believe that sometimes, all you need to do is make yourself happy.
And I believe in nothing.