Look over me
Can you see the scars?
Can you see any shrapnel wounds,

Can you see very far?
I'm sure that I've been hit
I'm glad you're with me now
I don't think there's much time left
So get gone before I cough and sputter out

My love
It's time to say
That I'm not fighting for the wrong cause
Fighting for
Anything that comes to mind
I've stopped fighting for everyone else
And now there's just you and I
And what could be more beautiful
Than that?

Look over me
Can you see what has come and gone?
Am I turning pale, this love's like hemlock to my lips
I wish that I'd been hit
A long long time ago, cherie
I can't take this intensity
And now you kiss me goodbye
With a tear in your eye
I'll arm myself for suicide
Before they approach