Dirty Little Secret---

I know your dirty little secret
I know the truth under your lies
I know what lies beneath the surface
I know what hides behind your eyes

I know you; you filthy disgusting whore
I hear you; you worthless nothing to me

I see the marks you make on your body
Thinking no one sees all your pain beneath
You lie about the truth to everyone
One day you'll regret it; you'll be gone


I see you; you disgraceful black soul
I smell you; you're bloody, dirty heart

I see the pain you constantly hide
And I tried to help you stay alive
You pushed me away from the light
It's your choice, but you must pay the price

You are nothing
You are worthless
You are nothing
You are broken

(Chorus 2x)

You drain your veins in hopes for happiness
And here you still find all of your emptiness
You slit your wrists to see your life pass you by
And you wonder why there is pain in your life

You bring it upon yourself
You throw it upon your grave
You bring it upon yourself
You cause yourself the pain

(Chorus 2x)

Dirty; you worthless nothing
Filthy; you hopeless nothing