Naïve Rape

By: Lissa Howe

How Stupid I was too think him perfect,

The man of my dreams,

The love of my life,

How many times I was told too watch out,

Those men are pigs.

I wouldn't listen,

I couldn't listen,

Rebellion filled the air,

But then it happened to me,

I always said it wouldn't,

I always said it couldn't,

But then it happened.

My Drunken mind full of hate you would never know,

Full of hate you could never know.

It happened once,

It happened twice,

I was stupid and so naïve to let it go the first time,

And then it happened again,

The same guy,

The same way,

A teen party with beer and other drugs.

My grades began to slip,

I started to become anti-social,

Haw many times more will I have to go through this pain,

Thing No one can describe,

Thing that happen when you think they won't,

Here's your wake-up call,

Advice you should take,

Never leave your drink behind,

Never drink alcohol,

And never be alone with a guy,

Unless you want too have sex.

May my words reach out to any one else this may have happened to.