I walked aimlessly throughout the school's halls, shoes making no sound as my footsteps lead me to nowhere imparticular. (I made my own word!) I heard laughter to the right of me, and looked, seeing the 'popular' kids laughing as their leader said something. I looked away quickly; the poopular kids pissed me off with their expensive shoes and the choice of vocabulary. 'Like' should not be said more than once in a sentence, and that is only when saying an example for something they said, not a sentence breaker. Fucking dumb-asses!

I shook my head, turning a corner and heading for my locker. Maybe I should pull out a book, and just sit and read…

Just as I turned to the direction of my locker, a destination finally in mind, I ran into someone, my chest painfully bouncing off of the other person. I stuttered an apology as I looked up to see who it was, and immediately smiled.

Black, spiky hair with make-shift silver cat ears, eyes hidden by constantly-worn sunglasses, breath scented with a hint of coffee… This was a man I could instantly fall in love with, and have been in love with since I met him so many months before. Trent Isaacs, the man of my dreams, the man of my reality.

Before I realized what had happened, I found arms encircling my waist, and lips crushed against mine. A tongue entered my mouth, giving me the taste of the coffee he had either this morning or more recently. He pulled away slightly, enough to murmur against my lips-

"Mark, I've needed this all morning. Gods, my pants are so hot…" I shivered at his words, allowing myself to be pulled into the nearest bathroom, shoved against the wall before even the door closed, and had my mouth filled with his tongue once more, and even more satisfying parts later on…

This has happened so much over the past few months, ever since I met him. I loved doing this, even if I knew I was just being used. I'd rather not be in a relationship at the time, but I'd be thrilled if it ever came up in the future. Preferably the near future. Very near future.

I finished him off just as the bell rang. He zipped up his pants before hauling me off of my knees. One last crushing and breathless kiss, he turned away, walking through the door with his final words of the experience-

"Dirty, slutty dog."

I love being called that. Especially since I knew Trent meant his dirty, slutty dog.

I am such a dirty, slutty dog. And I loved it.

Robin's Note: Oh, yeah.