To many this poem may seem silly and they may argue that hunting deer is something that has to be done in order to keep down their population. But still it is heartbreaking to me and I despise hunting. I long for the day when there will be no more killing of innocent human beings and innocent creatures.

Innocence Lost by writerforever

Born into this world was he

Full of life

A small fawn, innocent was he

Surrounded by nature

The trees that whispered with the wind

The birds that sang melodies

The stream of cool water

He knew them well

Along with the scent of his mother

Her presence, so comforting

He grew into an adult

Slender and shining

With joy he races across the fields

To live is his only desire

Bounding, leaping through the fields

He is content

He is happy

But in a swift moment

A loud sound that echoes on through the forest

Is heard

Pain, the terrible pain in his shoulder

Collapsing to the ground

The young deer lies

His innocent blood pouring forth

Covering the sacred ground

Death consumes him

His life has been taken

Man has took it

Innocence is lost

Life is taken

Life so beautiful

So vibrant

Is taken

Innocence is lost