Chapter XV: Truly, Madly, Yours


I woke up the morning of my wedding being a bunch of nerves, I felt like a thousand butterflies were dancing in my stomach, and my head felt light… I was completely anxious about all this even thought I had been preparing for it for a month.

Lady Kaze and Cherith had explained it all about the ceremony and how I would be presented to court afterwards and all that, Lady Kaze said there was nothing to fear but I was still a little bit nervous about it

But I wasn't about to let nerves stop me when I was so close to be Alec's forever, so I got up and took a long bath and got into my beautiful white dress – it was off at the shoulders, the bodice closely following my upper body to later fall into a full skirt. My hair was curled and pinned a top of my head, leaving just a few strands at the sides to frame my face – and cover my scar too.

Since traditionally in the Windam Valley, brides don't wear veils, I got to wear a wreath of flowers – in pale shades of pink, yellow and white, same colors that I wore on my bouquet, each color represented love, luck and fidelity.

"You look lovely, Amy." Lady Kaze told me, having gone to my room to inspect how the preparations were going. She looked beautiful in an ice blue silk dress (sometimes she looked more like a young girl than a matron of 43).

"Thank you my… I mean, Kaze." I answered; she and her husband had asked me to call them by their given name only, now that I was family and all.

"Here, I want you to wear these," She said as she placed a pair of teardrop earrings in my hand. "They belonged to Chris' mother. I wore them in my wedding and have given me good luck ever since."

I looked at the little earrings in my hand. "Are you sure? Maybe you would like to save them from Cherith when she…"

"I am sure, Amy, don't worry. I want you to have them. You make my son happy, that's all I ever wanted for him."

I blushed, remembering his kisses, "He makes me very happy too…"

Lady Kaze smiled knowingly.

"Mom, Amy," Cherith said from the doorway, "It's time to go."

I put on the earrings quickly. "I'm ready." I said.

"Let us be on our way, then… or Alec will think you've changed your mind." Cherith said with a smile.

As if I would ever do that.




I was a complete nervous case as I got ready for my wedding. I wanted everything to be just perfect for Amy. So many things had gone wrong in her life – the premature death of her parents, Dionne and the disappearance of her brother and all that – that I wanted this day to be completely perfect for her.

Fortunately, everyone was cooperating; even Amy's brother who had been quite vocal to me about his doubts that I could make Amy happy and keep her safe, but now, as he guided his only sister to my side, he didn't let any kind of hesitation show.

I held Amy's hand all through the ceremony. We exchanged promises of love and fidelity and I was more than happy when the priest finally asked if I took her as my lawfully wedded wife.

It felt good to say I do… settling.

Amy smiled up at me as the priest repeated the question to her and said I do too. In due course we were man and wife and I kissed her under the sunlight, in front of everyone I knew and mattered to me. It was one of those moments when life conspires just to be perfect.

Afterwards, we went inside to the Royal Hall, which was used only on solemn occasions. Mom and Dad stood at one end of the room with Cherith by mom's right. I guided Amy down the aisle in front of all the court until we stood side by side in front of my parents. There were some ceremonial words said and finally Dad introduced Amy as my wife and princess and future queen and all that. And all the while Amy just kept clenching my hand.

Introductions proceeded.

I presented Amy to everyone and she nodded and smiled at everyone though she looked a little pale to me. At last the last member of the court was introduced and the party began.

That was way more enjoyable than the Court introductions let me tell you, except when all my old chums from the Guard demanded their right to kiss the bride. That part I did not enjoy at all and was more than happy to extract my giggling wife from their midst. Good luck to all of them that the kisses were more brotherly than anything else or we would have had blood in our hands…

The day wore on slowly.

I don't remember much of it. I just remember I was happy to be there because Amy was by my side. She was home to me.

When the clock struck midnight –and was finally polite to escape our Wedding banquet – I snuck Amy up to my –our – room. We were laughing as we maid our way up, trying to avoid running into anyone who might detain us but once we were in the room and the door closed, a strange silence came over us.

"Do you want me to show you around?" I asked awkwardly, just to fill the silence. Amy smiled and said "I've been here before, remember?"

"Of course I do." I said walking to her slowly, as if not to startle her. Damn Cherith and her stupid spell – though it had been already lifted, I checked, I wasn't dumb. I wished to hell I knew how to act, what I was supposed to do.

"Do- Do you think it's always this awkward?" Amy asked nervously, biting her lip.

"I don't know. I think not, though." I answered as I reached her side and gathered her close to me in a hug. She was perfect in my arms. Small, but not so tiny I had to hunch over her too much; slim but curvy on the right parts.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Or maybe it just was that I was so in love I couldn't think of her in any other way.

"Alec… I don't know what to do." Amy whispered as she wove her slender arms around my neck, burying her face in my chest.

I skimmed my fingers through her hair, pulling at the pins that held it in place. "I don't know either." I admitted. "But I want to find out."

I kissed her then.

We took our time, knowing we had the rest of our lives to get this… intimacy just right.

It started with a kiss… her cool little hand finding its way into my shirt… the feel of her bare skin against mine… the smooth bed linens. I let my instinct guide me just as much as Amy let hers.

It was strangely erotic and wonderful to be learning all this things with her… learn just how we fit together, feel her body moving against mine… slowly at first and then more quickly. Hear her sighs, feeling the thumping of her heart against her breast.

To fall asleep knowing she would be the first thing I would see when I woke up, for the rest of my life. Her smiles would be mine. Her love would be mine.

And as for the sex… well, I would be a very happy man indeed, spending the rest of my life learning to love this one particular woman who I was very proud to call my wife.



End of Chapter XV




People tend to think time is short when you're having fun.

If you ever had the chance to ask Amy Windam she would have told you, you were wrong about that.

Life was sweet to her, there was no doubt about that, and- if the giggling laugher that could be heard if you walked by her room at night was of any indication – she was having fun. Lots and lots of fun with her loving husband.

After all the time they spent in their room, it was not really a surprise to anyone when Amy and Alec announced they were expecting a little son to be born almost a year to the date of their marriage.

"I just don't understand," Cherith said to Amy as they strolled down Cherith's garden one morning. "Didn't anyone ever explain to either of you about 'precautions' not to get pregnant?"

"Of course not." I Amy said blushing. She was on her fourth month, her stomach had begun to curve and she was beginning to feel the weight gain. "Well… I know no one explained me. And besides, it's not like we were thinking about that."

"What you were thinking about, then?"

"Well… see, after our wedding night – which was rather wonderful if you must know – Alec and I figured that the only way we would ever get 'really good' at IT was with lots of practice."

Cherith looked down at Amy's mid section. "Well, you certainly had that," she said with a smile.

"I certainly did." Amy said with a smile, settling her hand over her stomach, the baby had started to kick a couple of days ago and she still got excited each time she felt that little kick under her hand.

She an Alec had been thrilled with the news that they were expecting. Even when it was only natural after all the 'practicing' they had been doing.

Cherith looked around, to make sure Gerry and Alec were still busy way at the other end of the garden moving some heavy flower pots - Frog supervised their work, since even he knew both men were completely useless when Amy and Cherith were around-. "So… I'll kill myself for asking, but, did Alec ever go good at… you know." She said, shrugging prosaically and pointing at Amy's stomach helplessly.

For all answer Amy patted her round stomach and smiled in the way of a woman who was completely satisfied in all aspects of her life.



THE END (of Spellbound)

End of The Cloud City Trilogy)

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