My head is in immense distress,

My stomach twists and churns,

But my limbs and outer pains,

Are the least of my concerns,

My health is just one step away,

From cardiac arrest,

And I'm afraid that it has been this way,

Ever since you left.

My throat is sore,

My temples throb,

Every muscle of mine is tense,

But no back massage,

Can heal the sting,

Of something so immense.

It will take a bit more time,

To heal my pining soul,

The lead of tender sorrow,

Has already taken its toll.

Some people say that my affliction will simply go away,

But I am certain that this illness comes from being so far apart,

They say my frame of mind is bitter because my body is so lifeless

But the real torture lies within my tattered, aching heart.