There is a place that only exists in the minds of sad children.

A place for those who have seen or know too much. A place for them to forget.

Here they can come and stay for however long they desire, indeed, some never return home.

But not every child can come here. Only those who have visited by Nothing may enter. Deep in the black of night he creeps past their windows to leave gifts that come in the packages of a loved one's death, of loss, of grief as deep and dark as the sea on a stormy night. And then there are the children who are born of Nothing who have always belonged here and find their way home.

Home to Wonderland…

Perhaps you have heard of this place before? Perhaps you have read about the stories concerning its birth and the sweet little girl who first visited? I can tell you no matter what you have read before it was not the whole story. For the story stretches on and on as long as that first sweet little girl sleeps.

But soon she will waken and Wonderland will no longer be a place of dreams.

Well, not the kind one can wake from…..


Author's note: Yes this is an original work of fiction! As long as I am telling my own version of the tales in parody it is perfectly legal and within the rules. Other than that please tell me what you think! This will be a very dark version of the Wonderland you're all used to. If any one knows of American McGee's Alice in Wonderland it will be more along those lines, only Alice will not be the main character in this piece with little to no appearances until the end of the first story arc.