Well I haven't been writing for a while so I suspect I am a little rusty. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of things though. Here's my attempt at the first chapter of my new story. If it isn't very good…please try to bare with me

Nick was walking from the bar back over to his girlfriend with their drinks, when he stopped dead in his tracks. To girls had just walked in. One was quite nice looking but nothing that special, with short red hair, glasses and a curvy figure. The other girl however caught Nicks gaze and he couldn't take his eyes from her.

The very first thing Nick noticed about her was her large, piecing blue eyes, sweeping across the room, checking the club out. Long lashed curved up above those eyes. Nick slowly took in her whole face, her lightly tanned skin, her small, cute nose which curved slightly upwards, and her large, full pink lips. Her cheeks were flushed, perhaps from her blushed or perhaps from the fact that she looked a little nervous.

Nicks eyes then moved to her body. She was wearing a gold sequined top, which was matched by the gold sash she had tied in her long deep brown hair. She also wore a short white skirt, which revealed the most spectacular long pair of legs Nick had ever seen.

For a moment, he stood mesmerised. But his trance was broken by some drunken girl barging into him, making him nearly spill his drinks. When Nick looked back, the girl was gone. He quickly rushed over to the table his girlfriend sat at, determined he was going to find this beauty he had just set eyes upon.

'Here you go babe,' he said, handing his girlfriend Tasha her drink.

'Thanks,' she said, batting her eyes at him. Usually at this point Nick would feel that self-satisfied smugness of knowing that he was in there with the girl, but suddenly he didn't care any more.

'I'm just gunna go have a dance,' Nick said.

'Oh, I'll come with you,' Tasha said, going to get up.

'No, no,' Nick said quickly. 'Someone needs to stay with our drinks.'

'Yah but...' Tasha trailed of as Nick disappeared into the crowd. Pouting, she started looking at the other guys nearby, wondering if there would be anyone interested.

Nick slowly made his way across the club through the crowds of people, looking all around, trying to find the girl. He just hoped she hadn't disliked the place and gone elsewhere.

Finally, Nick spotted her. She was on the dance-floor, dancing next to the red-haired girl. For a moment, Nick watched her dance. Just from looking at her before, he had known she would be a good dancer. Her movements were sensual and there were sexual undertones to them. Nick knew now he would stop at nothing to hold this girl in his arms.

He stepped onto the dance-floor, and started to moved. Casually, he began to make his way over to her. Soon, he was dancing right behind her. He looked down at her hips, moving in front of him. He could so easily have reached down and held them.

Looking over at the red-haired girl, he noticed she had started dancing with an Italian-looking man. Nick took this as his chance to make a move on her friend. Nick sidled round beside her, and caught her gaze. He smiled at her, and she smiled back shyly. For a little while the danced, almost as if they were dancing together, and yet not quite touching.

Finally, Nick lent over and said loudly, above the music, into her ear,

'hi, you fancy a drink?'

The girl looked over at her friend, who now looked very involved with the Italian.

'Sure,' she nodded.

They made their way over to the bar, which was a little quieter than the dance-floor.

'What would you like?' Nick asked.

'Malibu and pineapple please,' the girl said.

Nick ordered their drinks, and then held out his hand.

'Nick,' he said, introducing himself.

The girl took his hand, and shook it. 'Claire.'

Nick smiled. 'Nice name. Nick and Claire. Sounds good together, eh?'

Claire smiled and blushed, looking down.

'Hey girl, there's no need to be shy,' Nick said, putting a hand on his shoulder. 'You have to be the most beautiful lady in this place. As soon as I saw you, I couldn't take my eyes off of you.'

Claire gazed at Nick, slightly surprised, as if no one she had known for such a short time had ever said such thing to her.

'I'd love it if we could maybe meet up some time…' Nick suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he felt a burning hot slap hit his cheek. It was Tasha.

'I finished my drink,' she said.

'Oh…look…babe I was just…'

'Chatting up some other girl! I knew you were going to be like this…my friends warned me, but oh no, you said you'd changed. Well guess what? We're finished!'

Before Nick could say a word, she marched off. Slowly, he turned back around. Claire was gone.

Claire and Fanny were sitting watching TV in their new flat that they had moved into. They had moved away from their homes to start college a few days ago and were just starting to settle in. They weren't actually starting college for a few weeks but they had gone earlier to their flat to get to know the area they would be living in.

'What are we going to have for lunch?' Fanny asked. 'I don't think there's anything in the fridge.'

'Maybe you should go out and get something,' Claire suggested.

'Me? What do you mean I should go? I went shopping yesterday!' Fanny exclaimed.

'Yeah, but I'm watching this,' Claire said.

'So am I,' Fanny pointed out.

'Oh please Fanny,' Claire said, pouting.

'Okay, fine,' Fanny said. 'But if I'm doing the shopping, you have to do the washing.'

'Alright, fine, I'll go out,' Claire said grumpily, getting up.

She grabbed her bag, and walked out of the flat. Claire walked the now familiar route down to the local shop. There were larger, better shops in the area, but this was nearby and had all their basic needs. Walking in, Claire picked up a basket and started browsing the isles. She picked out a few things, and went over to the counter to pay. And who should be at the counter, but Nick.

'Well hi there,' Nick said, a wide smile spreading over his face. 'I knew I'd see you again. I just had a feeling. You disappeared very quickly the other night.'

'Yes well I didn't think your girlfriend seemed very happy about us talking,' Claire said.

'Ah, she's not my girlfriend. Well, not anymore anyway,' Nick grinned. 'So er, now that I'm free and single, how about I take you out for a drink tonight?'

'No, I don't think so,' Claire said.

'Hey, why not?' Nick asked.

'Do you think you could scan my shopping please?' Claire asked, looking down at the basket that sat between them on the counter.

'Oh, sure,' Nick said. He took out a plastic bag, and started scanning Claire's food through his till, and putting the items into the bag. 'So why won't you go out with me?' Nick asked.

'Why do you think?' Claire asked.

'It's because you find me unattractive, right? Oh, I'm so ugly,' Nick said over-dramatically, putting his head in his hands.

'No,' Claire said, trying to hold back a smile.

'So you don't think I'm ugly?' Nick said, grinning, looking up at her. 'Which must mean you find me attractive!'

'Will you shut up and let me pay for my shopping?' Claire said.

'Only after you tell me why you won't let me take you out,' Nick said.

Claire sighed. 'Well I just saw how your last relationship ended, and I have a strong feeling that it is the same way that our relationship would end.'

'Listen Claire,' Nick said, leaning closer to her, his expression suddenly serious. 'I meant what I said to you the other night. You are really beautiful. There's something about you that draws me to you…that draws us together. I mean, what a coincidence you coming here today. I knew that I had to find you, but it turns out that you found me. I admit that in the past I haven't treated girls as well as I should've. You could almost say I've been a bit of a player. But I can honestly tell you that if I were with a girl like you…I wouldn't be able to cheat on her. I would be committing a crime to myself. And I know you probably think I say this to all the girls, but look into my eyes, and believe that I'm telling the truth.'

Gazing into his blue eyes, Claire felt and excitement in her stomach, like butterflies whizzing around.

'So,' Nick said, leaning back, his serious expression disappearing as if someone had flicked a switch. 'What do you say? You, me, tonight, the Blue Bar?'

'Hmmm,' Claire said, smiling playfully. 'Maybe…I guess you'll just have to wait and see. If I feel like it, I'll see you down there at 8.30.'

Nick grinned. 'Right. I'll see you later then…if you decide to come. You may as well. I'm sure we're going to end up together, one way or another.'

Claire handed Nick her money, grabbed her shopping and walked out of the shop, and extra spring in her step.

'So what did you get?' Fanny asked, looking up when Claire walked into their flat.

'Not much,' Claire said, a wide smile on her face.

'What are you grinning about?' Fanny asked. 'What happened?'

'Nothing,' Claire said mysteriously.

'Come on, tell me Claire, what happened?' Fanny demanded.

'Nothing!' Claire insisted.

'Then why are you smiling like that..?'