'So you did get that he was going away then?' Fanny asked.

'I didn't really understand that he meant permanently,' Claire said.

'But haven't you even thought about why he went?' Fanny asked. 'I mean it's not long until our final exams. Rahul had lots of friends here. What reason did he have to go?'

'What are you trying to say?' Claire asked.

'What I'm trying to say is that there was obviously some reason for him just packing up and leaving like that, without even telling a soul.'

'I don't know,' Claire said, confused. She hadn't even thought about this. 'Because he's a jerk?'

'Do you really think that?' Fanny asked. 'I know you and Rahul had problems, but do you really think he would do that to his friends?'

'So what do you think then?' Claire asked.

'I think that maybe he couldn't stand seeing you with Nick,' Fanny said.

'You what?' Claire asked. 'Oh my God Fanny, are you still going on about that?'

'Well doesn't it make sense?' Fanny asked. 'Lucky has seen how down Rahul has been since Nick got back. Surely he should be happier seeing as his best friend was back around, but he wasn't.'

'Rahul was happy that Nick was back!' Claire insisted. 'Perhaps the reason Lucky noticed changes in Rahul was because he was drifting away from Lucky and spending more time with Nick.'

'But he wasn't!' Fanny said. 'Lucky said Rahul spent more time moping about at his place than he spent at home! The truth of the matter is, Rahul left because of you. He left because he couldn't handle his feelings for you any longer. You were just too blind to see what was right in front of your face. And the worst part of it is; you knew he was going, you could have stopped him.'

'Hoe can you blame Rahul leaving on me?' Claire asked in disbelief. 'If Rahul spent so much time with Lucky, couldn't he have stopped him, hm? Perhaps if Lucky had been a better mate Rahul would have stuck around!'

'Oh my God, I can't believe you just said that,' Fanny said angrily. 'Lucky did everything he could for Rahul. Everything! But you didn't care about him one jot. You were too wrapped up in Nick to think twice about him.'

'You don't have the first idea what you are talking about,' Claire said. 'How many times do I have to tell you? Rahul wasn't in love with me! When are you going to understand?'

'When are YOU going to understand Claire?' Fanny asked. 'When are you going to understand what you have done?'

Claire pressed her lips together. She couldn't believe Fanny was turning on her like this. It was none of her damn business. After everything she had been through with Nick, this was the last thing she needed. 'I think you should leave,' Claire said. 'Things aren't working out.'

'But Claire…' Fanny said.

'It's for the best,' Claire said. 'Just go.'

Fanny nodded grimly. 'Fine,' she said. She went into her room, and came out a while later with a suitcase. 'Goodbye Claire,' she said.

Claire did not reply. Fanny walked out of the flat.

End of Part One

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