A lightning bolt was the catalyst—
your eyes were midnight and my lips were dawn.
Together, we floated down hemispheres of twilight,
pastel chalk skin streaking through the clouds.

Obsessed with contrast?
I'm pale brilliance,
you're melted honey—
we stir clockwise, stir crazy,
stir knees twitch arching backs against walls.
Choking gasps.

You whisper that we're atoms.
We only exist because
we tend to.
I argue that we're rain and thunder,
made solid by humidity—
You laugh science at me,
and I tell you I want to write a poem
about the beauty of our physics—
writhing discursive.

If we circle our spines,
flex bones
squeeze muscles
invoke the holy Krebs cycle—
maybe we'll exist in oscillation.

We're mirrors of mirrors,
photons in silence.
We're obscurity and flames,
Caressing infinity.