A/N: Here's a spontaneous ritual I did to help the victims of the hurricane. It can be adapted to help people through any disaster.

Need: small glass, holy water, small fire-proof bowl (or bowl with tin-foil in it, which is what I used), thyme, lavender, basil, matches, disk with spiral drawn on it.

A. Cast Circle

1) how ever you would like...

B. Perform Ritual/Spell

1) Take holy water and pour 2 small amounts into one glass.

-- say "there are 2 hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, devastating the Gulf coast. These hurricanes were sent by Mother Earth, so we should not tamper with them. However, we can send aid to those people hurt by the hurricanes who need food, water, shelter and other necessary items. We can send aid in the form of energy and supplies.

2) Take a small pinch of lavender, put in fireproof bowl.

-- say "lavender is to help people stay calm and make rational decisions, for panic will kill when nothing else does."

3) Take small pinch of thyme, put on top of lavender.

-- say "thyme is to give people enough time to leave and enough time to find a safe place to stay."

4) Take small pinch of basil, put on top of lavender and thyme.

-- say "basil is to help people get the spice back into their lives and to aid supplies and other help in getting to them."

C. Raising Power

1) Ask elements to aid in this spell and give some of their power to help.

2) Sing, dance, drum, whatever you would like.

D. Finish Spell/Ritual

1) When reach climax of raising power, stand once again before the bowl of herbs.

-- say "earth is already in these herbs"

2) Drop lit match into bowl on top of herbs

-- say "fire, please bring warmth and comfort to those who need it"

3) As smoke rises, smell the herb scent

-- say "air, please carry aid to those who need it"

4) Pour glass of water on smoldering herbs to extinguish

-- say "water, although you and air helped cause this problem, please aid these people as well and let them get to safety."

5) Take disk with spiral on it and dip finger in herb-char. Rub finger along disk toward center of spiral.

-- say "energy I have raised, follow my finger inwards, follow my finger along the spiral."

pull all the energy into the center of the spiral

6) Rub finger along spiral going outwards

-- say "energy, follow my finger. Go out into the world and do what you are meant to."

release energy into world. say "with harm to none, so mote it be."

D. Ground Self

1) however you would like...

E. Close Circle

1) however you would like...

F. Clean Up

1) Don't forget to tidy the area!