Was I just a heavy dosage drizzling within your candlewick sighs?

Empty flower-pot eyes and veins (vines) that twisted up the drainpipe in

A bewitching display of carnal strength & gravity defying natural morality,

I was the one with the bubblegum bicycle and the subtle taste for the unseen (what

I could not have) I wanted most.

So categorize me in to black & white, slick and silver

Beautifully unoriginal still wins the trophy.

Remember when I wanted to rainbow dye the celery stalks

'Cause I said they matched your eyes too perfectly? and

Anyway, I'd only ever seen a limply hanging dragging rainbow (rain-sag)

Above the woodpile, and wanted to know what they were really like.

Just like on the cereal box, mama.

hyphenate me and I will become two parts to a whole

joined by thinly breaking silky strings , only.

(parentheses are much less fickle)