The child sat silent as she gazed at her reflection, a smile played across her face, watching as the reflection mimicked her. Slowly she rose to her feet, the rustling of a nightgown echoing through the bare room. With one arm extended outward, she let her fingers graze the edge of her new gift, merely blinking as she felt it's head.

Oh how she longed for this!

The little ones' smile grew, as her hand was drawn back. Standing on her tip-toes she spun, stretching her arms back, and letting her head roll to the side, on occasion catching the eye of her reflection who only smiled with it's own glee.

She needed her to say the words!

The child stood still again, bowing to the mirror, and retreating to her bed. She wanted to play more, play pretend, dance and sing, but it was late now. Sleep was beginning to bog down on her, and she could feel her eyes drooping even as she moved back towards her bed. It was ok though, because she could play tomorrow. There was always tomorrow.

What was she doing, they weren't finished!

Blinking, she found herself staring, waiting for something to happen. It felt like something needed to happen. She was being silly though, tired too. Yes that was it, she was acting silly because she was tired, and the mirror hadn't done a thing.

Patience was key. If she had no patience, she would never escape

Offering her reflection a wave and a kiss, the girl turned on her side, burring herself in the blankets, and wandered down the much welcomed path of dreams.

It would be alright though, she would be free tomorrow. Everything depended on tomorrow.