The Cute Little Hostile Alien
By Timothy Hazelo and Lady Glass

Chapter One
Tim and Stephanie

Molly, an eight year old girl, was very violent. If you have not read The Cute Little Hostile Girl stories one, two, or three, it might be a bit difficult to understand this story. In the past three days, Molly had, very violently, killed her parents, a school child, and an innocent meat clerk.

Most six-year-olds do not get the enjoyment that she did out of violence. It was very abnormal. Molly thought about this as she was walking in the ditch by the highway.

Molly had no idea what was to be expected now, there was no where for he to go now. So she just thought as she walked, why was she so different? Why did she feel so different, and why did she suddenly care?

Little did Molly know, she was going to soon find out. She was about to have an unexpected visit by someone…

She aimlessly walked in front of the cars, causing them to crash into each other, and walked across the street she saw two figures on the other side in the field. She was a curious little one so she decided to investigate…

Molly never really had any friends, but maybe this was a chance to get some. When she got closer she noticed the two figures repeated sitting up, then bowing down on their knees, their hands gesturing to the sky.

And as she got even closer she heard them, one girl and one boy, chanting the word, "Xenu" over and over, which was pronounced, "Ex-en-yu".

"Hello," Molly said innocently. "My names Molly."

They both sprang up in surprise. The boy had shoulder length hair, and it was black, his eyes were blue and he had mostly black clothing on. The girl had hair all the way down to her chest and it was dark, it had a noticeable red though. She wore dark green pants, a white T-shirt and an un-buttoned camo-jacket.

"Oh!!!!" the girl said.

"Hello! Hello! Hello!" the boy said. "My names Sim!"

The girl looked at "Sim" and said, "And my names Tephanie!!"

And at the same time they both said, "Oops!!!" Then they corrected themselves by saying, Tim and Stephanie.

"Uh…" Molly said. "Ok!" There was a short pause. "So…What were you guys just doing?"

"We were praying to the great Lord of the Universe, Xenu!" Stephanie said, then looked at Tim.

"He's an alien! One day he will come and take us away, and leave all the non-believers on this death-trap of a planet!" Tim said.

"Ummm…Interesting…" Molly said. She could not help but notice that the name Xenu sounded so familiar.

Suddenly they all heard a hovering sound, and it sounded as if it were getting closer. When they looked in the direction that the sound was coming from they saw an orb of flashing light, and it was getting closer!

Stephanie and Tim's eyes brightened as it got closer and they opened there mouth to scream something…

Author's Note: Oh goodness, good times, good times. This chapter was written by Timothy Hazelo but we're putting this story up on both of our accounts just because we can. The next chapter will be written by me (but this chapter was edited by me, I have the edited version and Tim's got the unedited version).

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