I'm just a boy

Stuck in my childhood

Trying to escape

Not that I ever would

You are my portal

You I have never fooled

Into that awful world

That I've never understood


I tried to drink my inhibitions

But beer is not self esteem

You wouldn't believe me if I told you

You're the girl of my dreams


We got lost in silence

I tried to make the most

But you were so contented

And I felt really gross

Too scared to be cool

Too dirty to get close

Too sick to be smart

So I just gave up hope


I tried to take it easy

But fate would never intervene

Your head resting on my elbow

You're the girl of my dreams


My pace is slow

The night is always faster

I played it by ear

All this time I'm still no master

Mill around the whole damn night

This night that's filled with laughter

So good, I have no regrets

Until the morning after


You hug me, say goodbye

It was good to see me and crap

How can you stand there,

Look me in the eye and lie like that?

I tried to be cool

And not be like the host

But I was coward

And ruined it for us both

You can play the love game

But the house always wins

The only hope is to scavenge

What's left from the bins

And that is so wrong

I don't know where to begin

But I won't even try

I'm about to dig in


Haunted by the hollow

The time I could never redeem

I can't believe I almost forgot

You're the girl of my dreams