Like a messiah,
Do your very worst
And I will beat you down
Right or wrong
Don't try
To make it easier for me
By saying things are alright
And that I will survive

Do you know
How many times I've dreamed of stringing myself up?

And it's not the isolation
And it isn't just frustration
There is something much, much darker
Infiltrating my mind
You shouldn't even have asked me
To describe what it's like
It's like a pain in my chest
That passes through to my heart

And it's not the isolation
And it's not just the frustration

Something else is paralysing me

Fragments of a fever dream
And all this meaningless conversation
Fills the time between a spasm
And a frenzy of such writing
As this

What is left that you can say
I still see darkness at the break of day
You know the passion isn't spent
But it's burning through me and it won't relent
And unless I find reality soon
I don't know what shall happen:
This limbo,
This strange vertigo
Takes me like a stranger
And guides me onto foreign soil
I don't know where I am.