The isolation's no shame
As I sit in the cell
I must deserve all this pain
Like none before me

I sit in untiring dark
And I never look up
I hear some foreign remark
Upon my posture

I feel so helpless so soon
And why surrender just yet?
This cell goes back to the womb
And stops me realising

Numb from the neck up
And so I butcher the time
I will give you a sign
This place is all that is mine

And now I see a strip of light
Through the hole in the walls
And I know that I'm right
And I know that I must get out alive

But soon it moves off
What's night and when is it day?
I hesitate to scoff
I must remain here

It's like the place where they sent
Women and children to die
Except that now I am here
They say I must stay alive

For further

But what is left to observe?