A howl pierced the silent night air of the small village. A mob of villagers with shotguns and torches walked out of the village gates ready to face the the villages worst enemy. They stopped about a half mile from the village infront of a large, black figure. The large figure slowly turned around and the villagers fired their guns. At the village gates, the towns people heard the guns for a few seconds, then silence. They slowly walked back to their houses, their shoulders slumped in sadness. The entire village knew what the silence meant and were already used to the sad fact that the entire mob was dead. As they shut their doors, they said a silent prayer for the newly departing souls and went into an uneasy slumber.


It was mid-morning when she woke. The sun shone happily through the window, though she seemed to hide further under the sheets. After a few minutes she threw the covers off, revealing her shapely figure and soft, albeit, messy brown hair. She yawned and lazily got out of bed, only to trip on a small cyllinder tube. She stood again, rubbing her rear, grabbing the tube and trudging down stairs.

In the kitchen a young man sat at a small table. His green hair was tied in a pony tail and his small glasses sat on the base of his nose. He looked like, and dressed as, your traditional Hippie. He wore a tie-dye tank-top, showing of his well-defined muscles, a pair of baggy blue jeans, camoflauge bandanna and dark green army boots. He looked up from his warm bowl of oatmeal to see the girl walking towards him.

"Hey the-" his sentence was cut off by the shiny little tube making contact with his face. He fell with a 'splat!' into his oatmeal as two more people appeared at a nearby doorway.

"Well Trigger...were you intending to drown yourself in your oatmeal?" a young man asked, as he pulled the boy, Trigger, out of the bowl by his ponytail. The young man wore a pair of black cargo pants, a white T-Shirt, a pair of leather fingerless gloves and a faded pair of black combat boots. The chains that hung loosely from his pants chimmed softly as he bent down and picked up the silver tube, examining it and throwing it behind him as the walked towards the girl at the staircase. Just as Trigger was regaining conciousness, the tube hit him in the back of his head, once again falling forward, but this time he hit the table...hard.

"So, would you mind telling me why you hit poor Trigger in the head, Little Mako?" the man asked cooly, his hand on her head.

" Because he left his god-damned weed in my room!" Mako yelled, pointing to the tube.

"Its not weed! Its 'The Happy Silver Tube of Death'! And its good for your hair." Trigger said, running his fingers through his hair before picking up his weed.

"...I thought cocaine was better for your hair..." the man said, scratching his chin in confusion.

"No...thats heroine. Damn Vincent, you need to know your drugs." Trigger said bluntly.

"Well then, why don't you teach us?" another girl said seductively, sliding beside him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

"Hehehe...i'd be happy to teach you anything you want, Nikki." he told her, grinning wolfishly. Mako rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I am so outta this conversation." she turned on her heel and walked back upstairs, getting ready for the day. Vincent shook his head smiling.

"Its always the hippies who get the girls."

Mako came back down a few minutes later, with actual day clothes on. She was wearing a black t-shirt, green camoflauge pants, black combat boots, fingerless gloves and had chains hanging from her pants. Goggles clung to her forehead and a red bandana hung loosely from her neck. Nikki threw a piece of paper at Mako, along with a helmet and keys.

"I fixed the motor on your moped. You should give the poor vehicle a break once in a while... I can't be doing this all the time." she said, putting her long hair in a ponytail.

"Well...you might have to. You are the only one I'll let touch my precious Vespa." Mako said, looking over the paper. "Are these all the routes for the day?"

"For now... I'll mail you if we get anymore things to deliver. The Moped's out in the front!" Nikki yelled as she walked into a room that smelt of motor oil.


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