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last chap (to refresh your memory):

"If you start another stupid speech of yours I'll just blank out."

He forced me into a chair, "Eat," Drake--I mean, Mr. Stupid Demon sat down and began to eat.

now for chapter 2

oooooooDrake's POVoooooooo

Fine, I'll admit it she's a little pretty.

Ugh, ok she's the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. I can't deny that (well, I could but you won't let me). But who does she think she is to object me? I am her superior! God, she is so annoying.

But so damn gorgeous.

I wonder if she can cook. My food sucks. She took two bites. Wow, she really wasn't hungry.

Cat stood up, taking her plate with her. "Are you done?"

"Yeah." What's she doing?

She took my plate and walked into the kitchen. I heard the water running-- she was doing the dishes. Walking into the kitchen I saw her drying the plates and all that crap. I snuck up behind her and undid her bun so it fell down over her shoulders. There. Her hair looks better that way. She spoke, "Drake..."


"Never mind…"

"Tell me."


"Now, Cat."

She sighed. "I don't feel so well..."

I turned her around, seeing she was pale. "What's wrong?"

"Everything's kind of fuzzy, and I can't think right..."

I placed my hands on her shoulders. "What have you had to drink today?"

"Uh… Nothing?"

"You're dehydrated." I filled a glass with water and handed it to her, "Drink it." when she was finished I filled it again, she drank it, rinse and repeat.


"Come on." I led her to the couch and we sat down. I turned the T.V. on to HBO and watched some boring movie or another. Why don't I have another channel thing with better movies? She drifted to sleep, her head falling on my shoulder and I moved her head to my lap for a more comfortable position for both of us.

Uhn, I'm going soft. Stupid human. I should've just shoved her off. But her warmth feels nice…

You know, I still can't believe that not only a human, but a girl would have the nerve to defy me. I'm in charge here, not her. Why won't she just obey me? Is it really that hard?

She shifted a little and I looked down, brushing a strand of hair from her face. Her eyes fluttered open and, realizing the position she was in (I was SMIRKING), her eyes then widened and she quickly sat up. "Sorry..."

"I'm going to bed. You should, too."


"Follow me." I led her up the stairs to my bedroom, handing her a shirt, and then back to hers, where I handed her shorts. "Go to sleep." I left, closing the door behind me.

oooooCAT'S POVoooooo

I changed, finding that the shorts were quite comfortable. Short, but comfortable. The shirt went down past the shorts a little, and smelled like Drake. I climbed into bed and soon fell asleep.

He cut me. Over and over on my back. But I couldn't scream, I could barely make a sound-- a rag was stuffed between my lips, silencing me and leaving me with a dry, fuzzy feeling in my mouth. There was sweat on my face and blood running down on my bare back. My eyes widened pain as the cool blade sliced my skin once more. I finally got the cloth out of my mouth and screamed bloody murder.

I jolted up, instantly awake. Sweat trickled down my face, and I was shivering in fear. Looking around, I recognized me surroundings and sighed in relief.

I placed a hand on my back. The scars are still there from that one night, I don't have to tell you about it-- the dream was an exact replay. I haven't had that dream in a while, Drake must have brought it back.

The door slammed open. "What the hell is all the screaming about? You fucking woke me up!"

"Just a bad dream…" I laid back down. All Drake had on were his boxers. He looked even hotter than normal.

"Come to my room if it happens again."


He walked out and closed the door. I fell back asleep. And the dream? It came at me again. Twice before I woke up finally. I got up and walked across the hallway, and knocked on Drake's door. Mabey he can help...

"Come in." I walked in and closed the door behind me. "Was it the same dream?"

"Unfortunately, yeah."

"Sit." I sat next to him (on the bed, dumbo). "Tell me."

"I... I can't... It... actually happened, and I really don't want to talk about it." I started crying, not being able to shake the memory of that night from my mind.

Surprisingly, Drake wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. I tensed at first, but relaxed. Curling up against him, I took his hand and put it under my shirt (well, actually, it was his shirt, but whatever). I could tell he could feel the scars. "That's what happened."

He turned on the light and turned me so he was facing my back. "Take off your shirt."


"I won't see anything unless you turn around."

"Drake... no."

"Cat, take off the damn shirt. Now."

I started to, but couldn't. "I... can't."

He gave up and traced his hands down my sides, causing me to shiver. "Like that do we?" He did it again.

I elbowed him. Luckily for me, though, he couldn't see my face. I bet you it was beet red...

He pulled the shirt off, and did it again (Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I kinda like that...). Then he saw. "Shit, Cat, what the hell happened?"

"I don't have to tell you."

He kept on running his fingers close to my breasts, probably not noticing. "Oh? But you do. I'm the one in control."

"You have no control over me, and stop doing that."

He finally noticed how close his hands were, and he chuckled. "Why, can you no longer hold back a moan or something?"

Yes, "No, I'm freaking uncomfortable with you doing that."

"To bad. I can control everything about you."

"Can I put my shirt back on now?"


"Give. It. Back."

"I don't have to."

Forgetting my/the shirt was off I turned around. "Now."

"You're forgetting something, woman." He smirked and his eyes traveled downwards.

"Shit. Pervert." I grabbed my shirt and put it back on and let him push us both under the covers. He slipped his hands around my stomach, and I fell asleep.


Opening my eyes, I squeaked and drew back, Drake's red eyes scaring me. "Your eyes are very creepy."

He smirked at me. "They're supposed to be. Besides, who doesn't like something that reminds then of blood?"

"Humans. And why are you holding me?"

"You're no fun. Personally, I like watching people suffer." He ignored my question.

"You're heartless. Do you laugh when someone dies?"


"What about your family-- the people you love?"

"I'm a demon. It's against my nature to love. I can hate, though."

"Without love there is no hate."

"There is if you're a demon."

"So if you had a kid, and someone killed him, you wouldn't care?"

"We can be protective, and my kid would be mine, so, naturally, if he died, I would be very upset."

"But you would kill someone for pleasure?"

"Oh, yeah. But I'd watch them suffer first." His eyes like... flashed or something. "Now, tell my what happened."

I took a breath, and told him everything. It feels really good when you finally get something like that off your chest. It's like... you instantly lose five pounds (which you must admit is awesome).

"Now, that's a good idea. How did he come up with that?"

"The cuts have a spell on them. I have two years. When I'm 19, I'll be gone."

"How long have you known this?"

"He did it a year ago. I had three years."

"Why didn't you tell anyone, idiot?"

"Because... it's... just to hard to say to someone you love that you're gonna die."

"God, you're so stupid, Cat. You need to tell people things like that."

"I tried telling one person but they didn't believe me."

"Whatever. Just... go make breakfast... or... something..."


"Cat, do as I say."

"Make me."

"Do. It. Now."

"I freaking don't have to do what you want me to!"

"Cat, I own you. Yes, you do."

"I belong to no one!"

"Yeah, actually, you do. When your father died, you were given to my dad who gave you to me."

"I am not and object to be owned! I belong to no one, and I never will!"

"You always have." he got up and opened a cabinet, getting out a few papers. He walked back and handed them to me.

My eyes quickly scanned them. I can't believe it. I do. What the hell? "Is it like, a demon custom or something to treat people like PETS?!?!"

"Yeah. But now you know, I own you."

bbbbbbbbDrake's POVddddddddd

SEE?!?! PROOF that I own her. She was given to me a year ago for my 18th birthday (Now I'm sexy 19). It's so screwed up that I just now met her.

"I don't care. I will not follow orders from you."

"You have to, woman. It says here I'm entitled to order you around."

"I don't care." She paused. "Shit."


"He's using the knife."

She gasped, tears coming to her eyes as she fell to the floor... I think she's in pain... Oooooh! This is fun! Wow, real pain! I haven't seen this in person in SO long. I surprised she's not making loud wailing noises. HAHA THAT WOULD BE SO FUNNY!!!! Now she's starting to cough. Darn, everything's over. Uhn, and now she passes out.

mmmmmmmmmmmCat's POVmmmmmmmmmm

The dream just wouldn't stop replaying itself over and over and over in my head. After about 50 times, I finally woke up. The bed and the floor were... rocking... and everything was made of wood... Hey, cool, I'm wearing piratish clothes... AWESOME...

Everything was attached to the floor. I'M ON A SHIP! This totally rocks…

Leaving the room, I found myself on the deck, and went up to a random guy. "Hello!"

"'ello, miss, can I 'elp you?"

"Um, do you know where I can find Drake?"

"You mean the cap'ain? 'e's in 'is room, asleep. Best no' disturb 'im, ma'am."

Whoa. Weird. He called me ma'am. What is it the 1800's or something? And he has a cool accent… "No, I think I should. Where's his room?"

He pointed to the right, "That-a-way, miss."

"Thank you, Mr….?"

"Jimmy. Jimmy Lockhart at your service, ma'am." He gave a short bow.

"Catherine L. Rose."

"Beautiful name for a beautiful la'y, as yourself."

"Why, thank you, Mr. Lockhart. But, I really need to talk to Drake for an explanation, I'm going to have to cut this short. BYE!" I walked off to Mr. Evil Demon's 'office'.



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