This isn't the time to worry, in the end none of it will matter.

Can't you see the tale has just begun?

Cover your scars and start new.

Sit at lunch alone, and wait until all of it just wastes away, like everything does.

And then I met you, and you stared at me blankly, no communication, no identification.

But as it'll end we'll be best friends.

So don't worry about it now, you have one shot why waste it mulling it over.

I know it makes no sense at all, but trust me this is how it ends up.

And then she called me over because I was all alone, singling out my pain.

Wouldn't you know, you'd become my best friend?

It's a one shot, don't waste it with your worries.

In the end none of it will matter anyways.

And as the three of us stood together wouldn't you know another would come along.

The odd one out.

And I thought that was me.

Isn't it strange to see how it all worked out?

If you stood to breathe a moment you'll see none of it matters.

None of it matters anyway.

That's when I met him.

They faded away from view, it's hard to say but true.

Hey, none of it matters anyway.

When we said our good byes, we'd never realize it would be so long.

I miss them, its not suppose to matter.

But somehow it does…

this describes what I used to believe and how things are changing