Well I thought everyone involved in the recent Fictionpress war had let it go. I apparently forgot to count out one user: whoever is behind the mask of the Raptor7435 who has left vicious anonymous reviews on people's work, claiming to be me; to the point where he even gives out my email address to people in his reviews. I'll admit, a very clever move, because in the last week-and-a-half I've gotten so many hate mails from users, I was starting to get slightly annoyed.

Now I remember the little "clone war" we had a while ago: A Very Disappointed Author/A Very Disappointing Author, NO Trust/No trust, I Am Max Krugman/Max Krugman. Then of course, there was the person who went around as Chris Redfield and left anonymous reviews bashing people's work in Justin's name. Justin, though he kept his cool most of the time, was very angered by this, I could tell. I am assuming that Max Krugman wasn't happy either about his little "clone." I am also guessing that No Trust was angry as well, although I could never tell because his reviews were so strange.

And now the same thing has happened to me. Well I am not angry. I am little annoyed that I keep getting these hate mails, but I am far from angry. In fact, I'm quite happy right now, because despite what my anonymous friend may think, he has actually done more good than harm. You see, I've responded to every one of these hate mails with this message:

"The review was not left by me. In recent months, I have made big enemies on Fictionpress, enemies who will apparently go to great lengths to blacken my name. In short, if the review is anonymous, and not signed, than it is not me. I'm sorry for anything my detractor might have said. I wish I could stop him/her, but I can't. Just remember, if the review isn't signed by me than it isn't me.

Sincerely, the real Raptor"

I let my "haters" know that it wasn't me that reviewed them. And in response, I've gotten apologies, and I've come to find that those people who mistook me for the anonymous Raptor7435 are very kind and considerate.

To sum up, I would like to thank the anonymous Raptor7435, because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have made all these new friends on Fictionpress. At first, I was irritated with him, but how I can be that way after all the friends I've gained as a result of his actions? So thank you, Mr. fake Raptor, for all you've done. You are a good person.

Sincerely and Whole-heartedly,