The Four Warriors

Part One: The Archinian/Normadian Wars

Chapter One: Crossing Paths

"No matter what happens, nobody can see what is inside of this case."

"I understand sir, Mr. Hummer will get the package in 24 to 48 hours."

"Keep your promise."



What is time, exactly? Is it a no-spatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future?

People have tried and failed to create ways to travel back and forward in time. In the year 2013, somebody had succeeded. His name was Walter Hummer, a man who had a mission, which was very simply to alter events from the past to change the future. Nothing drastic, of course, but just so it would make his life better.

That is where the problems began.

By altering one thing in the past, Walter failed to acknowledge the other events that would happen. One simple choice in his life could later affect what kind of life he led. Walter soon realized that when he returned, thinking he would now have a better life, his life was even worse. Walter's one small decision caused the entire future he knew to no longer exist.

Walter returned to a war-torn planet, unlike the beautiful Earth he once knew of before. His factory was destroyed, and since his factory was destroyed, the time machine he traveled in was never built. Walter had to fix it somehow, so he decided to rebuild. Walter soon realized it was hopeless.

What was that decision that Walter made? He knew that he couldn't travel to the past to fix it, but he could find a way to fix it in the future. So, he waited. By the year 2025, Walter finally was able to figure out a way to rebuild. Walter eventually created the machine that could change that one rule.

Walter created it, and then he made his time machine reappear. Walter had figured out a way to alter time, so that he could just grab anything from any time stream or any time continuum and pull it to his current time period. Walter remembered the last assignment he had given his friend, and it was to find somebody to deliver his package.

Walter remembered his friend hiring a man named Tony, and that he had 24 to 48 hours to deliver the package. Walter needed that package, so he decided to bring Tony and the package to his time period. First, Walter needed to bring him to the alternate future that he was in, and then bring him to the year 2025.

Walter had located another man with Tony, so he had decided to transport them both. They arrived in the alternate timeline, but then something else went wrong, the machine stopped working. Walter tried his best to fix it, but he couldn't. Walter had to go back 12 years to find out where his package was.

That was the first of his problems.


Two men walked down a long, narrow hallway. One was dressed in a very nice suit, wearing black sunglasses, and carrying a large metal brief case. The other was wearing a very messy and ripped top, with some jeans that looked just as bad. The man was also wearing a pair of black sunglasses.

Both men brushed by each other, the second man felt the metal case touch his skin. They both continued to walk in the opposite direction for five more seconds before they both stopped at the same time. Both men pulled out their guns and pointed them at each other.

"Sorry Tony, but you're not going anywhere." The second man said, pulling off his sunglasses with one hand while holding his gun with the other.

Tony just chuckled and said, "Oh Jack, I'm going where I need to go. You know that killing me will only make things tougher for you. Please, leave now, or I will not hesitate to shoot."

"Tony, I really like your timing. This time, you actually pulled your gun out the same time I did. Have you been practicing?" Jack smirked.

"Jack, I warned you, but now I'm going to have to kill you."

"Go ahead, you'll just miss like you do every time."

Both Jack and Tony fired their guns at about the same time. The two bullets crossed paths, and then time froze. Suddenly, in a huge flash of light, Jack and Tony were gone.


Jack woke up in a bed that wasn't his own. He sat up and looked around, he was inside of a nearly destroyed building. He felt something falling on his head, so Jack looked up to see that there was no roof over his head, and that it had begun raining.

Soon, a man ran into the room and looked shocked to see Jack sitting up.

"So, you're awake. Come on, we have to go anyway." The man said, signaling Jack to follow him.

Jack stood up; he was wearing clothes that weren't his. Jack was wearing a nice shirt and pants, unlike the shirt and pants he normally wearing. His clothes felt heavier as well, like they had extra padding. Jack then realized that his gun was gone. Jack then looked around the room, but the gun was not there.

Soon, Jack briskly walked out of the room, and then grabbed the man by the neck.

"Where is my gun?" Jack asked, furiously.

"Uh…I put it away, I didn't want the enemy to find it." The man said, taking a breath as Jack let go of his neck.

"What enemy? Where am I? Where is Tony?" Jack had many questions, none of which the man answered right away.

"Let me introduce myself first, I am Val, one of the leaders of the Archinian Tribe. My men are waiting outside, we have to get moving." The man, known as Val, said.

"No, answer my questions. Who is this enemy, and where am I?"

"Ah…memory loss, that can happen when you are in a battle. Basically, the world has been split into three groups, The Archinian Tribe, which is us, the Normadian Tribe, which is the enemy, and the regulars, who are just normal people in the middle of this war. We are fighting for one reason, and that is to stop those who want to set up a corrupt government. Our mission is to stop the Normadian Tribe and reclaim this land for ourselves. Then, we can restore the world as it once was before this happened."

Jack stood there for a second, processing all of the information. "So, you are telling me there is a world war going on right now?"

"Exactly. This all started four years ago, and is still going strong. It doesn't look to be ending anytime soon. We had just defeated a group of Normadian soldiers, and then you appeared. You were lying on the ground, wearing strange clothing. You held a gun in one hand and a pair of sunglasses in the other."

Jack then remembered seeing a bunch of people crowded around him, before waking up in this dump.

"We have no time to discuss this, we can do that when we get to regular territory, and then we will have time to rest. Let's go." Val said, heading for the exit.

Jack stopped him and asked, "Can I have my gun back? I have no plans on shooting you or your men, I just thought maybe I could help."

Val smiled and handed Jack his weapon back. It was a revolver, and Jack loved it ever since his father gave it to him. Jack was also handed back a small bag, which contained several cases of bullets. Jack then quickly reloading his gun and walked outside with Val.

"Incoming!" One of the Archinian soldiers shouted, jumping out of the way of a huge blast.

Jack and Val were knocked to the ground by this massive explosion, and the building they were just staying in had fallen apart. Jack looked past all of the dust to see a large tank, unlike anything he had ever seen before. It had four submachine guns on the sides, and two large cannons. It moved rather quickly for a large tank, but still moved pretty slow.

Jack saw several Normadian soldiers charging at Val's soldiers. Jack saw Val's lips move, but he couldn't hear what he was saying due to the shellshock. Jack just made his way past Val's soldiers and moved up close to the enemy. Jack surprised the enemy by sneaking right up to them.

Jack unloaded a bullet into one of the Normadian soldier's skulls. Blood flew across the war-torn street as he continued to move away from Val's troops. Jack looked up to see that he was standing right next to the massive tank that the Normadian tribe was using, and then realized that one of its sub-machine guns was aiming right at him.

Jack jumped out of the way to avoid getting shot by the massive war machine. Jack just hid behind the body of the soldier he had just killed. The stench of blood filled the air as Jack watched one of Val's soldiers firing a huge rocket at the tank. One of the tank's cannons blew up, but it still managed to fire another shell thanks to the other cannon.

Jack had never been in a battle this massive; most of his gunfights were one on one. Jack then saw two soldiers reloading their weapons and starting to fire at him. Jack moved from his current position, taking out the two soldiers with two more shots from his revolver.

If Jack had counted correctly, he had three bullets left, but it was kind of hard to think with blood and bullets flying all over the place. Jack hid behind a wall, and then looked through a hole to see the second tank cannon destroyed. The Normadian soldiers all quickly retreated out of the tank before it exploded.

Jack saw that Val and his soldiers were okay, and thanks to the explosion caused by the tank, the Normadian soldiers were done for. Jack let out a sigh of relief as he put his revolver away and approached the Archinian leader.

"Hey, you did good out there. I'm guessing this was your first battle. Normal soldiers don't use weak guns like revolvers on this kind of battlefield." Val said, relieved that Jack was still alive.

"This gun always comes in handy, no matter what the situation." Jack said, dusting himself off.

"You never told me your name."

"My name? Oh, I'm Jack."


In a Regular Village

Jack, Val, and all of the soldiers arrived in the regular village and let out a sigh of relief that they were safe. All of the soldiers dismissed from the group, leaving Jack and Val standing in the entrance.

"Hey Jack, want a drink?" Val asked, pointing to the nearby bar.

"Sure, I'll meet up with you. Just one question…what year is it?" Jack asked, curiously.

"It's 2013 Jack, I'd think you would at least remember that." Val said, walking towards the bar entrance.

"2013? I thought I had traveled to the future, but I am still in the same year I was yesterday. Val said this year has been going on for five years, and I didn't know about it? I need to get out of here and find Tony, before he delivers that suitcase." Jack thought to himself, heading for the exit.

Jack stopped, turned, and looked at the bar.

"Maybe I'll have a few drinks first."


"Fucking soldiers, I always hate when they come to disturb us common people." A lady said to her friend, taking a sip of her drink.

"Why? They help protect us from the enemy." Her friend replied.

"They always all reek of blood, it stinks up the whole town." She said to her friend, sliding away from the soldier who just sat at the bar.

Val ordered his drink and looked over to the right to see a lady and a kid, talking amongst themselves. The lady was very pretty, had weird silverish color hair, and dressed very nice. The kid that was with her looked no older than 12 years old, and he dressed in a normal tank top and jeans. Soon, Jack walked in and sat next to Val.

"Oh great…another one. I think we are going to leave." She said, finishing her drink.

"Wait, Alice! Don't let a couple of soldiers scare you away. Just don't let them get to you." The kid replied, looking at the lady.

"You shouldn't even be in here, you are too young to drink, Riaan." Alice said, sitting back down at the bar.

"Oh, I just like coming here. I personally hate alcohol, and would never drink it again." Riaan responded.

"You had alcohol before?" Alice asked, looking at Riaan.

"Of course." Riaan grinned.

Val finished his first drink and ordered another.

"So, Jack, do you remember anything?" Val asked.

Jack knew that Val wouldn't believe him, or think he was crazy if he told the truth, so he just lied. "No, I don't remember anything yet. I'll tell you if I do."

Jack soon ordered his drink, and then noticed Alice and Riann. Well, he mostly just noticed Alice. Jack slid over to Alice, and she slid farther away.

"Hey, Alice, stop pushing!" Riaan exclaimed, trying to stop from getting pushed to the end of the bar.

"So, your name is Alice, huh? Well, I'm Jack." Jack smiled, holding out his hand.

An old man wearing a cloak, carrying two samurai sword, and also wearing sunglasses heard this.

"I don't shake the hands of pigs." Alice said, finishing her drink again.

"Hey buddy, she doesn't want to be bugged! Lay off, okay?" Riaan then said, looking at Jack.

"Trust me, I'm not a soldier. I just wanted to have a friendly conversation with you."

Val then asked, "Jack, what are you doing?"

"Oh, your not a soldier huh? Then why do you reek of blood? Why is there gunpowder on your pants? Why the hell are you wearing an Archinian uniform?"

Jack then looked down at his clothes; he was wearing an Archinian uniform. Jack was about to touch Alice, but Alice pulled out a katana and held it to Jack's neck. Jack was right there with her, holding his revolver to her forehead.

"Excuse me miss, I just wanted to talk. I don't want to turn this into bloodshed." Jack said, standing up.

The entire bar went silent; everybody was staring at Jack and Alice.

"Hey, stop this, both of you!" Riaan exclaimed, pulling out his broadsword.

Riaan was about to attack Jack, but the old man blocked his attack with one of his samurai swords.

"You don't want to do that. This fellow obviously has a good reason for talking to this young lady, so don't get involved in business that isn't yours." The old man said.

Riaan put his sword away, and so did the old man.

"Whoever you are, I don't want to talk. I just want to be left alone." Alice said, still holding the katana to Jack's neck.

"Why are you with that kid then? I don't think a beautiful lady such as yourself should be left alone." Jack smiled, stilling pointing the gun at her head.

"You say one more word, and I'll cut your throat." Alice said, showing no emotion.

"I'll pull the trigger before you do that, Miss Alice, so please, lower your weapon."

"I really doubt that, you would make a big mistake by pulling that trigger."

"Oh, so you want to see who can kill who first? Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. Will it be me, wielding the gun? Or Miss Alice here, wielding her little sword." Jack said, talking to everybody else in the bar.

Alice just smiled as she pulled out another katana and used it to knock the gun out of Jack's hands. She was about to stab him, but the old man blocked her attack.

Jack let out a sigh of relief, seeing that his death was delayed yet again.

"Hey, you said it yourself, don't get involved in business that isn't yours." Alice said, putting both of her katanas away.

Jack picked up his revolver and put it away as well.

"Excuse me, Alice was it? I know I said that, but I want to avoid bloodshed as well. Please, you have no reason for killing him." The old man replied, putting his samurai sword away, and then slowly sitting back down.

Riaan was just sitting, watching all of this quickly happen.

"Alice, we should have this conversation another time." Jack said, still smiling. Alice was obviously still not happy with the man she didn't even know.

"Excuse me, Jack, what was that? Saying you're not an Archinian soldier." Val asked, looking at his new friend.

Jack was about to respond, but soon a few men holding guns burst through the door. One man stood in front of the crowd, wearing a large leather jacket.

"We are here to see these four people who go by the names Jack, Alice, Riaan, and Sergio." The man in the leather jacket said, reading off a piece of paper.

Alice was about to pull out her katanas, but the old man put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Avoid bloodshed as much as possible."

The old man, as well as Jack, Alice, and Riaan all stood up.

"So, you much be Sergio." Riaan said, looking at the old man.

The old man didn't look at Riaan, but he did reply. "Yes, that is my name. Please, let's just go where they want to take us, and avoid killing today."

Jack, Riaan, and Alice all agreed. They had to, if not, these soldiers would shoot at them. They probably would miss, but they would still kill innocent bystanders in the bar.

Val just sat there in shock as the four were taken out of the bar.

To Be Continued.