The Four Warriors

Part Five: Shourai

Chapter Forty-Eight: The Four Warriors

Walter finished dusting off his old VCR and hooking it up to his TV. He then proceeded to put the tape into the VCR and got ready for whatever he was about to watch. The tape was labeled "The Four Warriors – Final Mission."

"Here is the final mission of the Four Warriors that just never happened in the current timeline, but may have happened if the man known as Walter Hummer didn't back out of the Project when he did." Faith's voice was heard on the tape.

"The Four Warriors' final mission was to assassinate Walter Hummer in an attempt to stop him from funding the Project. They realized they didn't work for him or the Project; they worked for the government. The group had to make the assassination perfect, and once they did, they knew it would put an end to the Project."

"The government knew it was getting too dangerous, and the only way to stop it was to use the men originally hired to make sure it kept going."

Walter Hummer was shocked when he heard what Faith was saying on the tape, but then he blinked and found himself standing near his giant window, looking outside. Walter saw that the glass was broken, and below was the body of a man. The police had surrounded the body, trying to figure out what had happened exactly, even if they were being paid by the government to keep the assassination quiet, and they knew exactly what had happened.

Walter turned around when he heard a group of people having a discussion. Walter made his way to his living room to see the Four Warriors, as well as Tyler and Raine, having a conversation.

"Thank god this bullshit is finally over." Jack said, sitting down in Walter's chair and opening one of his beers.

"I have to say, it has been fun." Falcon also sat down, taking off his gloves.

Tony didn't say a word, he was disassembling his sniper rifle, and Dave was just sitting there thinking about what had happened. Raine sat down next to Jack and said, "I'm glad we can finally get back to mom."

Both Raine and Jack then looked up at Tyler, who was just smiling, but also felt sad that he was retiring. At least he could live the rest of his life with his family. Walter tried to listen in some more, but he couldn't hear anything. Dave was talking to Falcon, and Tony was still putting his sniper rifle away. Walter turned around to see the police gone and the body no longer there, the glass was also still in tact. Walter turned once again to see that the group wasn't in his living room anymore. Before Walter realized it, a bullet was shot off and it hit him straight in the head.

Walter quickly woke up to realize that the tape had ended. Walter looked around his house to see that it was completely empty, and Faith was gone for good it seemed. Walter's hands were shaking, and he couldn't get the thought of that bullet out of his head. Walter simply took the tape and smashed it to pieces, and then throwing away what was left.

Walter crawled over to his bed and quickly lay down, covering himself in sheets and trying to forget what he had seen tonight. It was almost like he had lived through his own death. Walter then fell asleep, trying to get everything out of his head.

"Walter Hummer would never try anything like this again, and would go on to retire, and forget the past, the present…and the alternate future that he had experienced. But Walter would never forget one thing; Walter would never forget…The Four Warriors."

The End.