"United Intention"
E.M. Hunton

All-consuming fire
fades into the background to become
an ever-present
integral part
of this.

Prayer becomes
a weapon
a tool
a communication
so complex
and so divine
yet so simple
it's importance,
impossible to express.

There people, this family
driven by passion
taught by truth
communicating through prayer
with the Father
the ones that question
but trust
that cry out in pain
but are comforted
that risk everything
but gain more

these are my brothers and sisters
complete explanation of it
entirely impossible
yet I can feel it
our connection
with each other
with our master

Our hope?
Our purpose?
Seemingly unattainable.
Our lives?

The opposition to our position,
completely invisible.
Before too long, we will see it
we must remember
we are more than conquerors.