I could have lost you…And in a way, I did...

By My Side

It's just like old times

When you and I would walk

Just walk around the park

Talk about nothing

As the time flies by

But today was different

You didn't show up

I waited in vain

You said you had something

To tell me

And it's not like you

To be late

But maybe

Since we haven't seen each


In such a long time

You've forgotten about me

So I drag myself home

Lie down on my bed

And slowly

Fall victim to sleep

And what feels like a

Minute later

The phone rang

I pick it up and

You say my worst fear

"I'm in the hospital"

My heart stops

My breath is hitched


You're okay?

And when I arrive

You lie there with your eyes closed

My untouchable,



Dark Angel

"Are you okay?"

I ask worriedly

You open an eye

And smile

My first smile from you

And I'll remember it

Until the day I die

And then there is a shout

And I am knocked over

As a mass of brown hair rushes past

And lays down besides your bed

For the first time ever

You flush and look away

And I can see the truth

...I will not cry…

You taught me to face my worst fears

And one of them

Is that you,

My eighteen-year-old Angel

Would leave this

Thirteen-year-old Mortal

One day

And even though

You survived the car crash

As I stand here in the hospital

A sudden realization strikes me

…You did leave me…