"I think there are actually a few variables in a person's console preference. While I grew up with Nintendo, I have found myself playing the PS2 and XBox more often because they offer different kinds of games than are found on the GameCube. I like the RPG's that are on the PS2 and XBox has got a great online system going (Halo2 has proven surprisingly addictive). I think Nintendo is most notable for it's willingness to focus on games and innovation (I still don't see why PS2 needed a DVD player)."

That makes you a moderate gamer, not entirely for any system or company. As games evolve, I find myself becoming more moderate as well (I'm an RPGer, It's getting so hard to resist Playstation). I admit Halo is addictive, but I whole-heartedly believe that it is the only thing keeping Xbox alive. And I agree, PS2's DVD player was a worthless addition, and I further believe that the smaller PS2 and PSOne are a waste of money as well. Unfortunately, I must also admit that Gameboy Pocket, SP, and Micro are rather worthless (assuming you didn't already own an original Gameboy or Gameboy Advance respectively), and are the only Nintendo Systems I have not owned. In my opinion, when a smaller system is revealed, it is a great time to buy the original sized version.

This is hilarious! The analogies of the three systems and the political parties... awesome. Your descriptions of the types of gamers are so perfect... I really think you should keep working on this, I like it alot.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I can't guarantee more though, and most of my other works are pretty different, aside from 'To Korea and Back.' and 'Rants.' They concern very different subject matter, however, and I can't guarantee you will enjoy them; but how can I resist the urge to advertise myself?

"Also, being the older company, there is an air of tradition…"

The GOP was founded by Horace Greeley and a few other ex-Whigs in the mid-1850s. The Democratic Party is actually older.

"More restraints to make things equal, and there is more diversity and openness."

Something I always wondered about Democrats; how do they make those contrary values comport? There is in fact not more openness and diversity when restrictions are imposed. In monetary theory, this is called Gresham's law ("Bad money drives good money out of circulation"). As applied to Sony's selection. You can call this Typewriter's law of the discount bin. "The games of the lowest quality will crowd out the good games in the discount bin by the time Typewriter King makes it to the store." It works the same way as Gresham's Law, and the moral is, equality doesn't matter to consumers.

Tres bon on the third party paragraph. Xbox is facing what I call Tucker's Law, named after an auto mechanic that made a superior automobile early in the post-war era. It works like Gresham's law in that the existing orthodoxy of bad cars will form a racket to drive out a third-party good car. Tuckers were awesome, man!

I guess I'd be an ultraconservative, because I believe pinball with rise again!

The correct term for "ultraconservative" is reactionary, but after all of the other things you said, I can hardly call you ignorant, now can I? I'll just assume you're inbetween. I realize that the Democratic party is older, and find it rather odd that its opposition calls itself the Grand Old Party. It's false advertising, though their beliefs don't exactly demerit their choice of words. I see it as more of an ideal than a reference to age. As for the Democratic Party, the original Democrats weren't quite the same as the new ones now were they?

Speaking of Democrats, using laws to prevent the oppression of people may sound weird, but that's why there are so many amendments in the consitution relating to voting. If there weren't laws to allow it, surely some places would prevent it.

Equality doesn't matter to consumers; and, as I hinted at before, I absolutely detest this fact. What kind of idiot buys a stupid little box just because its pretty, and white, and everyone else has it? For God's sake, there is a perfectly good box that has double the space for nearly half the price! And it is no larger! But I digress.

The only point I really disagree with you on is in regard to the Xbox. I honestly don't see it as a "superior automobile" at all. Sure, it's more powerful than the competition, but it's immensely larger and the controler is far from intuitive. I don't remember exactly how its processing speed ranked with the other two systems, but I know for a fact it was slower than the Gamecube (the fastest of the three, so that Nintendo traditionalists would not have to adapt to load times).


interesting paralellisms. I've never noticed them before now.

neither had I

Whoa, funny XD gigglesnort I'm a Nintendo conservative player pets nintendo but the ol' boys gonna kick it soon:P