A poem by Talon Phelps

Life was beautiful,

The reverberations of dreams echoing across my mindscape-

A symphony of nature in my subconscious.

Things once doubted;

Doubt failed and dreams were real.

Love and humor and drama-

The stage of life.

And then

With a sound that pierced my dreamscape,

My soul drifted from my body

And was taken by the unknown.

She reached for my hand

And stretched out her fingers to clasp onto reality,

But was grasped by the cold terror lying beyond the ethereal realm.

I watched her beautiful face

Drift off into the mists of despair,

Forever sad,

A mask of loss and sorrow.

I cried out to her

And heard nothing but the silence of the darkness.

My muse was taken.

My soul was wrenched in two

And my screams were swallowed by the mists.

A muse that held and embraced my spirit,

Through pain and torture,

Fear and dejection,

My counterpart, companion, and helper.

An eternity of darkness shrouded my mindscape.

So now I wait,

Weeping for my counter ego

And blundering in a pointless search through the mist.

I will wait for the day

That the celebrations will commence,

Reunited as one,

My muse returns.