Why can't I
Cut myself off from the
Darkness that surrounds
My wandering feet
So worn from travel
That the soles
Of eroded flesh
Have given way to
Tired bones still moving
Across endless lines
Of terrible speeches
Drenched in bloody lies
Continuing, wrapping around
And around endless hopes
And fears, and dreams, and tears
Falling from featureless faces
Smiling in seas of depression
Brought on by useless interpretations
Of false emotions and hopeless days
Going on and on, not stopping
For those who are left behind
The rest of us,
Still trying to keep moving
Even though our legs wear away to nothing
And it doesn't even matter
Who tries to be the best
Of the best when running faster
Wears you down
Into the ground that we all have
To drag ourselves across
Until our bodies wear away