'Oh poison of the night,

Why do you torment this soul?

Venomous cloaks do smite

And send me down below.'

The sun is forever to woe

The creatures look at the dying sun

Blushing with sickness as it dies down.

Knowing that harking morning calls

Will be resurrected from the ground.

In the dusk gloom we mourn.

Nature's light yet be reborn.

'My faithful subjects

True you be

Heralding my rising

Winking bows to me

Adorned in royal velvet blues unto purple

Onto you I transfix my spell and bindings'

The moon is forever to sing

We drink the poison of her revelries

Letting evil spin under her cloaks

Not a word can any noblemen say

For only wickedness is spoke

The creatures drunkenly gaze at the moon

Her light burns silver trance

Over the people, the seas and land

Over the patches of earth

the drunken festivities prance

though faithful her subjects,

gossip flecks their tongues

whispering jester's festering wrongs

looking onto the terrain with pure lust

of what stories the stage upon entrust

they cannot tell the players nor you or I

of the unruly iniquitous carousing sighs

or raging plaguing murderous guile

so many plot schemes, lo! Screams

alas, the stars can only chatter among themselves

blinking and winking to us it seems

wise are they

to one ravished in unforeseen

their screams unheard

or by others unheeded

lustful cries of the fickle

backwards ambitions of the sickle

screams of the murdered

whining of the damned

the stars are pitiless

yet informed like a plan

alas the stars can only chatter among themselves

blinking and winking to us so bland

they nervously look at their mistress

who cackles at the pain

her puppets running about the stage

lunatics successively insane.

They all play her games

Until the over is the nights rein

Mistress grows bored

To travel so elegantly down

And release her prisoner's chains.

Wearily he rises creeping over the horizon

His prison walls

Too see what at night did befall

A deep sigh his gentle hands soothe the broken

The rays of life his only token

He drags himself across the sky

Trying to help the stage belie

What the creatures become in the night

Cruelly the moon laughs

Almost hidden in the daylight sky

Knowing that at the dusk

The sun will die

Over and over at her command

The sun will bow deep into the lands

and she will continue to curse the night

a predator with her lunar appetite.