You can offer me all

that I long for

and know everything I do

Peering in through this window, I

can see your eyes lock with mine

my heart goes stumbling, reeling

I'll close the door to feeling

and run and hide from you.

If I push hard enough

against these walls

I might find a crack or two.

But my strength would fail,

and you'd never know

relax my grip, down I go

and if you tried to reach for me,

I'd run and hide from you.

If I'm searching for

what's already mine

does that mean I've lost it too?

You answer, but

if you erased me,

would you remember what you do?

Say yes and watch

me run and hide from you.

I'm the one that clings

that you never see

I'm the one that basks in you energy.

I'm the one you "love,"

but never know

I'm masked in shadow everywhere I go.

No stars will move the day we die-

but will you move for me?

Could I be reason enough for you

to chase me so far 'cross this sea?

Your hands might lack

the strength to break

these castle walls, it's true

But if I scream your name

enough times each day

can't you find a way?

For two broken hands and some bloody thorns

won't let me hide from you.