Author's Note- This is an essay I wrote for a chance at a scholarship.

The Future of Technology

The world has come a long way from the days of writing letters with a quill pen with only the light of a candle to see by.

Where once the world had to write everything by hand, Gutenberg invented the printing press, and the world was hit with an explosion of literary wonders shortly thereafter. Where once the world was guided solely by lamps and candles, Edison invented the light bulb, and the world was shaken with the power of the electric inventions that ensued.

What about now? With all of the modern technological marvels at our fingertips, have we progressed as far as we can? Have we finally hit the plateau of human advancement?

My answer is a resounding "no!" Lurking amid our technologically-advanced world are more Edison's and Gutenberg's that will astound us with yet more technological phenomenon. In 50 years, I believe the world will have changed so vastly that we will hardly recognize it, and I believe it will be far better.

With the resources we have available today—the Internet, computers, cell phones, television, and more—there is little that is not possible. I fervently believe that humanity will take modern technology and construct more mind-boggling products for future generations.

Just within the past few years, society has produced astounding inventions, ranging from products helping the economy, such as hybrid cars in an age of inflated gasoline prices, to improving medicine, such as robots designed to converse with the elderly to stave off Alzheimer's, to providing comfort, such as smart toilets whose seats are heated.

As already proven, our society has and the potential to take the means afforded us and generate a future that could surpass any we have imagined. I believe that the power of knowledge, imagination, and technology can bring forth a future teeming with widely-available solar-powered houses, affordable voice-controlled cars, household artificial intelligence, and the like.

Who knows? In 50 years, I bet that we will be so technologically-advanced that my grandchildren will look back at the Internet, cell phones, and MP3 CD's as antiquated devices from a prehistoric era.