Aimee looked out of the window of her room, sighing heavily. He was an hour late, again. Why hadn't he called her to warn her that he was going to be late? 'Then again,' she reminded herself, 'he never does. This is the third time this week, when is he going to stick to what he says?' She sighed again before pulling away from the window and walked over to her table. She picked up the letter he had sent her, promising that he'd be there at five PM sharp. She looked over at her digital clock and scowled as the time showed her six thirty PM. Pulling a hoodie off of her chair, she pulled it over her head and headed out the door, walking down the stairs and walking outside. She knew her dad wouldn't care where she was going so she didn't bother letting anyone know. If he had been paying attention to her, he would know. So it wasn't her fault if he worried.

She shivered as a cold breeze swept over her, ruffling her semi-curly dark red hair, and pulled her hood over her hair, giving her a slightly ominous look. A group of kids, tenth graders, walked past her, snickering behind their heads and staring at her. One of the guys stopped ahead of her and pretended to stop and tie his shoes. When she was close enough to him, he stuck out his hand and caught her foot, making her stumble as he let go of it. She glared at him as the rest of his friends laughed, the girls giggling behind their hands and smirking. The guys sneered down at her. She turned her attention back to where she was going.

"Hey, Goth Bitch!" One of them shouted after her, "Why don't you come and get me? Or are you gonna cast a spell on me? I bet you're some Satanic freak, aren't ya?" Aimee had to bite down on her tongue to stop herself from yelling at him. 'Stupid bastard.' She thought scathingly, hearing them walk away from her. She continued walking; only stopping as she made her way to Eric's house. She knocked on the door, waiting for someone to answer.

'If he's already left, I swear I'll kill him...' She thought to herself. Something inside banged against the wall. Curiosity over came her. Trying the door, she found that it was unlocked, and headed inside.

Inside, she made her way to his room, hearing something that sounded like a soft moan. Her insides turned to ice as she opened the door and burst through. What she saw sickened her, her eyes widening in surprise. Eric and some bimbo blonde, curled around each other, both of them naked, his sheets hardly covering anything or giving them any modesty. Eric looked over at her, surprise, and then turned to his clock, muttering a small "Aw shit..." as the blonde looked at Aimee curiously.

Not knowing what else to do, Aimee glared and said, her voice cold as ice, "Eric, I want to talk about us, or what's left of our relationship." Turned, and slammed the door shut. She heard something fall to the ground with a crash but didn't care, and stormed to the living room. A few minutes later, the blonde walked out, wearing a bright, bubble gum pink tube top and pair of too tight jeans. She scowled at Aimee and pretended to say to herself (though it was obviously loud enough for her to hear), "No wonder he was desperate." Aimee smirked and flicked her off behind her back, waiting for Eric to come out.

Ten minutes later, he walked out, pulling a dark blue sweater over his chest, a pair of blue jeans covered up what had been all but advertised to the world a few minutes ago. She scowled and demanded, "Who the hell was that?" He shrugged, which merely infuriated her more.

"Her names Crystal, I swear Aimee, she came onto me." He looked at her, dark brown eyes staring out at her from under brown hair. She laughed coldly, "Oh my God you are pathetic, you know that Eric? I heard her; you were desperate just because you weren't getting anything from me. Gee, thanks for sleeping with a slut in my stead, I feel so loved." He opened his mouth to protest but her look cut him off. It wasn't only of loathing, it was pain that was hidden in her eyes.

He mumbled something under his breath that sounded remotely like, "If you would have gone ahead with my plans this wouldn't have happened." She looked at him, amazed anyone could be this idiotic.

"Well sorry for having morals." She spat back at him, "It's not my fault you don't have any. How long has this been going on?"

"About, two weeks." He said casually, as if it was no big deal. She gaped at him.

"You jerk!" She exploded, not wanting to believe this was happening. Then again, it made sense. He had been late for whatever they were doing for the past two weeks, of course. She felt her world come crashing around you and finally managed to get the words, "Screw you, we're done." Out before she completely lost her mind.

She stormed out of the room, hearing him follow after her with his pathetic pleas.

"Come on, baby, it's not that big of a deal-"

"Not that big of a deal!?" She yelled, turning to face him, her eyes burning with hate, "You cheat on me with some slut for two weeks and it's not that big of a deal!? How the hell did you ever manage to get into ninth grade you asshole?!" He stood there, stunned for a minute. Scowling she started walking away again. He must have regained his sense of what was happening as he started following her doggedly again.

Fed up with it, she started running away from him as fast as her legs could take her. He started heading after her, but stopped after awhile when he realized he couldn't catch up with her. 'Even if he did,' she thought, 'I could always claim he was going to rape me if it got out of hand.' She gave a small smile as she thought of what would happen in the situation. 'It would serve him right, the bastard.' She thought scathingly, slowing down to a walk as soon as she was far enough away. She had passed her house and was now on the pathway for the near by college park.

It didn't take her very long to get there but her feet were sore from running and walking so much. The leaves of the trees had already started falling down; their orange, yellow, and red colors gave the ground a fresh look, one adorned with the beauty of fall. She walked slowly over the leaves, hearing the satisfying crunch under the pair of black boots she always wore. A large, weeping willow stood in the center of the park and she walked over to it, parting the curtain of leaves and sitting under it, enjoying the outdoors. She sighed, her mind reeling from what had just happened. She was convinced Eric was The One, the only one for her. He was always so nice, a big difference from the other feelings "normal" people had.

'I guess I was wrong.' She thought sadly, pulling her knees up to her chin. Someone else walked past, leaves crunching under his or her shoes. A shadow stopped in front of the curtain of leaves that surrounded her, before a man walked through. He was tall with long brown hair and blue eyes that were hidden mostly under his bangs. He was dressed in a pair of loose black pants and a black shirt with a large, red 'X' on the front. She hid a small blush as she realized how cute he was. He stared at her as if he had never seen a girl before. Indignantly, she stood up and put her hands on her hips, waiting for him to say something. When he didn't, she sighed and asked, a little irritated, "Would you like me to pose for a camera or something? A picture does last longer."

Her words had seemed to wake him up, as he shook his head, his hair tumbling.

"You're that Aimee chick, aren't ya?" He asked, still staring. She nodded; folding her arms over her chest self consciously. He smirked slightly, "I remember you from when I was going out with your friend Glenda. Don't you remember me, Danny?" She gawked at him. He never seemed that cute when Glenda and he were together. She snapped out of her reverie when he started talking again.

"Can you touch your elbows behind your back?" He asked, smiling in, what looked like, a perverted grin. She shrugged and tried. When she was unsuccessful, he started chuckling to himself.

"You know how much fun it is to watch you make your boobs stick out?" He asked. She blushed crimson, highly embarrassed. Glaring up at him she walked quickly over to him and slapped him and yelled, "You pervert!" in his ear before walking away. She heard him laugh as she walked away but didn't hear him go after her. She didn't stop walking this time, till she was at home.

She banged through the door, ignoring her brother's annoying comments about how their father was wondering where she was. She stormed upstairs, slamming her door shut behind her, her mind spinning with what Danny had done, and also with what Eric had done to her. She sighed and fell onto her bed, her mind reeling. Later on, she would have to call Glenda about Danny, and probably get his number. She grinned to herself and closed her eyes, falling into a light sleep.