I really don't care what anyone thinks about this poem, this is for my friend Kristi in hopes she might start to actually understand how much I really do care for her. And others do too. I might not be able to see you Kristi, but I know who you are... and I'm not about to give up on you anytime soon.

Hear me/ Kristi's poem

I sit and stare

As your words scroll across the screen

Sadness, hurt, pain.


But I don't want you to feel this way

I don't want you to feel alone

(Because you're not)


Hear these words

Hear them now

Listen closely

As I shout them out.


When you are hurt

I feel it

When you are cut

I bleed too.


I know

I've seen it

I've been there


They might not know

The darkness there is within your heart

But I do.


I know it

I've seen it

I've been there


That is the reason

I don't want you to feel this way

That is the reason

I always fight so hard to keep you happy.


I want you to

Spread your wings

I wan you to be grateful for

All of life's blessings


Don't do it

Don't go there

Don't let it win

Don't let it take your heart.


There are no words

To describe

How much I care for you Kristi


It doesn't matter what your name is

Or what you look like

You are wonderful as you

You are beautiful as simply you.


You're my friend

And always will be

Your writing is beautiful

Your style is true.


When you cry

Tears fall from my eyes

When you feel pain

My soul cries out to you.


I care so much for you

I can't even describe

I want you to be happy

This is all for you.


All of this,

Comes from my heart Kristi

And everytime you feel down

I want you to remember this.


Here me out

Can't you see?

Open your eyes

And just be free


Don't be afraid

Don't hold back

Forget everyone else

They're all just quacks


Know that I'm here for you

And many others too.

You're not alone

For we all love you as you.