I am unseen, unwanted. Completely imperfect.
I am disposable; forgettable, no more than an object.
I am your pet. A device; nothing but a vision.
I am not someone. Unreal. Of soundless precision.

You won't see me strain, or toil. You won't see me fade.
You won't see my work, my life, my silent parade.
You won't see my labor, my product; completely defective.
You won't see my service, my struggle, my muted objective.

Someday I'll be gone, someday I'll be dead.
Someday I'll be real, someday I'll have bled.
Someday day you'll recall me, your peripheral pawn.
Someday you'll remember me, by then I'll be gone.

You won't see me here; my worthless debris.
You'll feel all alone, by then I'll be freeā€¦