onetwothree, she slips peanuts down her dress.

from the twists
and the turns
and the dips
and the burns
and the suns
in the skies
and the love
and the lies.

call. call. call -

do, you; fall?

the ring-ting-ting of guitars
in the bars
of the stars;

call. call. call -

love's not all?

and she joins in the thronging, she's
breathing and

call. call. call -

are you tall?

she likes lipstick she likes wine. she likes ribbons she is fine.
she likes devils she likes fire. she has problemswith desire.

call. call. call -

hits the wall?

and the haunting, it's taunting, the boys drunk and daunting,
the shrieks and the screams and the fantasy dreams,
as they gorge down their beer,
use their hands and they leer,

gripping and grasping,
backing and advancing.

call. call. call -

you make waterfalls.


a/n: play on rhythm. favourite by far.