"Some people can't be saved. Some people shouldn't be saved."


and the smoke drips down your chin when you're speaking
to her, but she's pretending not to notice again. just like you don't mention
her ratty long-sleeve shirts or the kamikaze of her eyes.

you're killing yourself, i say.
might as well, you tell me. nobody else thinks
i'm worth the bullet.

so your ecstasy is misery, and she keeps waiting for you
to change. she sweats and shakes and shivers
while you're still changing channels. maybe
you'll go see her
at the next commercial break.

why him, i say, he hates you.
might as well, she tells me. nobody else thinks
i'm worth a second glance.

and it's a world gone wrong: love is a misfire,
self mutilation is all the rage. you are as meaningful
as post-modern art. even in her darkness she outshines you.

i fuck her.
do you notice?