Well, one day there was this cranky mean old crotchety man named Mr. Dilbur. He hated everyone and everything that got in his way. One day, he was walking to the market and this normally sweet and quiet old women came down the dirt road, dancing like a baboon! Mr. Dilbur scolded the woman for her rash and unnecessary behavior and of course questioned her mental wellness. Well, the woman sweetly informed him that she of course was not insane! she was just discoing! Mr. Dilbur was too bewildered to yell some more. He continued to walk in his baffled state to the market. But, when he got there, what he saw made him run away in fright. EVERYONE IN THE MARKET WAS DANCING LIKE THAT OLD WOMAN! they all labeled this baboon dancing as the new disco. Mr. Dilbur returned to his shack confused and a bit insulted. For, of course in college he majored in disco! How insulting to see these people make a mochary of the dance moves that swept the 70s!he had to save the world and he knew just how to do it. He snuck over to the insane market and filmed the baboons for the good of man kind (and his own personal enjoyment of course). He later mailed this tape to the white house. Later that night, the president of the United states appeared on the TV and sadly made his announcement. That was the historic day in American history that disco died.