The Devil Cares, Not

Confused heart.
Troubled mind.
Something lost she has to find.
Tears across fragile cheeks.
Hands lapped in a heap.

Sits and stares.
All she can do.
Her heart is breaking but that's nothing new.
Mind racing in despair.
Arms scarred but she doesn't care.

Ocean eyes, warm and bright.
Chestnut hair with red streaks and fight.
Simple look, innocent no more.
That was taken, so long ago for sure.
Her tears, no longer pure.

Long and sleek by her side.
There's no need for her pride.
Her life a struggle she has fought.
Between good and bad she is caught.
A deal with the devil, her soul he bought.

Desperately she needs to cope.
But realises there's no need to hope.
For she knows it's her time to go.
Life struck down in mid woe.
Off to see the devil her foe.

Fire blazes, the heat impure.
She thought death was the ultimate cure.
He makes her fight for her place.
Struggle and pain shown on her face.
But the devil cares not for her fallen grace.

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