We like to eat

Power is overrated. That shot to the head should have killed me. It didn't. Amazing isn't it? How we don't actually need most of our brains to function. I don't know all the technicalities of it but somehow I was still alive and Sarah was not.

I was left in a bad way. Kept alive by the steady beeping of a hospital machine. It's cold, clean automated parts moving every now and then. I was paralysed from the neck down. It was hard to cry in front of so many around me when they told me about Sarah. When I close my eyes it makes it a bit easier.

They never found the sniper from that day. Though the head of the Federal Bureau of Incompetence was able to tell me the life history of the nutcase. He also told me that they originally did have him under surveillance, but they lost him an hour before the shooting. They were tracking his movements and I was assured that they were close. I shut my eyes then too. I had a pretty good idea how long they would be "close" for.

I preferred listening to the constant noise of the life support systems then being subjected to all these useless reports. At least they wouldn't give me too much bad news and if they did, they wouldn't sugar coat it. It would just be a simple "Time to pass on Jack." Whispered in the high pitched tone of a flat line.

One day a team of about six doctors and the head of the F.B.I. came to my bedside. With this many white coats and double barrel names surrounding me I knew it had to be bad. The head doctor walked slowly over to me, breaking from the safety of the group.

She wore a serious countenance, "Sir. I'm afraid your condition has deteriorated rather rapidly. Those machines can only keep you alive for so long. I'm here to present you with a choice." I had interrupted her, "Let me guess. Die now or later. Right?" The doctor said nothing, but just lowered her head. She wore the same perfume as Sarah.

It was different on this doctor though. I don't know why, maybe it mixed with the background odours of bleach and soap to become something different. My memories were different now too. I was loosing them. Losing Sarah. I hated myself for it. Correction. I hated my dying body for it. She was the one thought keeping me here. I wanted to survive for her. Carry her ideas to the people and try to enforce them to create a better world.

I looked over to the head of the F.B.I., standing there looking smug in his expensive suit. "Paul tell me why there are so many people needed to tell me that I am going to die?" Paul smiled like a Cheshire cat and explained everything. There was hope. That is how I got involved in the deep sleepers program.

Cryogenic freezing. Human lollypops. Stick people into a freezer and bring them back when the world is ready for them. The premise was that I was to be thawed when technology was advanced enough to restore me. As always they were "close". They lowered me in, pushed a button and after that all I knew was cold darkness, even in my fitful dreams.

I woke yesterday. I wish that I had taken the other option. A metallic chipping came from the end of the tank where my legs were. I became slightly concerned to hear a large crack. I could see that my torso was still there in a block of ice. I looked around. It was still pretty dark. I struggled to make out any shapes.

"Hello?" I called. The sound of flat shoes on concrete came towards me quickly followed by a soft voice. "Hello Mr President." The voice didn't worry me when it told me how bad the world had gone, how the person before me was one of the last people left in this bunker. All I was worried about was the fact that they held one of my legs in their tight clutches.

They were coming back tomorrow with a heater and an icepick. I asked them why they were doing this. "There is no more food and we need to eat. We like to eat." If I could have shuddered I think I would have by that point. They waved goodbye with a smile and I listened to the footsteps fade away. I shut my eyes and prayed that I would bleed to death before the voice came back again.

Well I hope you enjoyed that. More stories to come as soon as I can cook them up. Please let me know what you thought of this one. TTFN