In the Midst of Deterioration


Saw an angel on the ceiling

"Turn around," it urged

Just a person shy of adulthood

With high hopes for a future

- - -

In a once brightly-colored

Now a sepia-toned world

Days grow longer

To a never-reaching maturity

- - -

Old wounds breathe air

And memories haunt once more

Like ghosts with no purpose

Only to revive lost pain

- - -

Run away, run away

From what seems like the past

The past transforming

Then to now, the present today

- - -

Sleep no longer needed

Like stars, familiar eyes don't dare

To shine in the presence

Of a heartless, lying betrayer

- - -

Intimidation, ignorance

Deepen once shallow cuts

Inflicting lasting pain, more severe

Than the initial stab

- - -

Sepia to red to bloody black

Last thoughts gather and scream

Screaming blurred words

Only catching "Goodbye"

- - -

Erase my sinful presence from them

Goodbye once vibrant world

So long smiles and laughs

Hello, the pain that which kills me