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My first stop upon entrance into 'Tight Sweat' was Kirk's office.

The irishman was seated, puffing complacently on a cigar while counting out flashy new canadian bills with the other.

He looked to be a true monarch.

Or maybe a pimp ; depended on how you looked at it, anyways.

« So, who's ass went on fire for that fuck money ? » I asked casually, plopping onto the couch and fiddling with the seams.

I stubbornly refused to meet Kirk's eyes. I didn't think he deserved to have me acknowledge him.

« Rayne. » the blonde said.

« Rayne- » forgetting my animosity for the moment, I slammed into the desk, my eyes wide in shock. « What ? What ? But Rayne- »

« Is the bartender ? » a copper gold eyebrow raised itself derisively, « Don't I know it. »

« Then… then why… ? » it was difficult enough to think of any person I admired having sex for spare change (go figure) but for Rayne to be anything but saintly and dignified and gorgeous was downright horrifying.

In my mind's eye, Rayne's body ought to be glorified and was meant for only tender, beautiful, romantic, tumulteous love-making. As opposed to alleyway fucks.

« You'd know Cyrus, of course ? » Kirk asked me.

« H'yeah, Rayne's ex ass-buddy. » I shrugged, I saw no connection, and yet, obviously, this was headed somewhere.

« Well, Rayne won't talk to him, much less sleep with him. The only way Cyrus can even touch Rayne is by hire. Ninety bucks an hour. Cash or no go. »

« And Rayne is… okay with this ? »

Kirk shrugged, « I wouldn't know, I just manage the money and the time. »

« You're hiring your bartender out to his ex boyfriend and you don't even care about how it's going ? »

« If you want to know so much, you can just ask him. » Kirk shrugged again. « They're in the light room right now. »


They were in the light room. Not fucking each other's brains out, as I'd expected, but arguing discreetly. About fucking each other's brains out, I imagine.

Don't get me wrong, there was action… Just, no hot action.

I scarcely breathed from my breezy hiding place behind the curtains.

Cyrus had Rayne backed into a corner. His fingers were kneading at the muscle on the asian boy's back, his thighs nudging at Rayne's inquisitively – provocatively.

« We can put it all behind us. »

« I can't put it all behind me. » a hand, lengthy and graceful and artistic an pale, pressed constrictively upon Cyrus' chest, restraining him from going any further.

Although, when one thought about it, looking at Cyrus' size and Rayne's size, Cyrus could easily take what he wanted.

And so, I could only assume Rayne's virtue was protected by Cyrus' goodwill.

« Stop frowning at me like that. »

« Stop trying to seduce me. » the Japanese sex god gave his companion a little shove, « You aren't even paying for this time. » Rayne's voice raised slightly in anger, but remained beautiful and flowing and unaccented.

« Then I'll pay. » Cyrus snapped, his patience finally waning. He wrestled a wad of crumpled tens and twenties from his pocket. Flinging them at Rayne.

The bartender swatted them away, « I don't want your fucking money ! Why don't you pay Garrett instead. Then it'd be just like he was at work ! » he shoved Cyrus again, snarling, and strode out of the light room.

Cyrus didn't go after him ; and I wasn't sure what this meant, but I didn't have much time to figure it out because in my efforts to back away from the scene, I tripped into a pile of folded camera tripods and his the wooden floors with a crude 'thump' and a loud curse.

Before I knew it, the curtains were thrown open, and Cyrus' golden adonis silhouette was bent ovedr my sprawled form.

I winced, squeezing my eyes shut and waiting for a blow or something of the sort.

« What are you doing ? » he asked.

I opened one eye. He didn't sound angry. And that was good enough for me.

« Nothing. » I muttered.

« You waiting for me to fuck you or something ? » he smirked at me gorgeously, flashing straight white teeth.

My first instinct was to say no, but considering the fact that I'd been cheated out of a good fuck moments earlier, I wasn't likely to pass up opportunity.

« Sure. » I said. « I'm in the right position and everything. »

I was. I lay on my back, legs spread wide and lifted so high my feet were behind my head. I'd been one step away from a freaking somersault. Sorry, more like one roll away.

His eyes narrowed, as though he were contemplating the situation. Then the look was lost, and he was back to his token smirk. « Alright. »

« Yeah ? » I wanted to be sure. Nor riling up and backing out or I was due for a blow up.

He dropped to the ground in front of me, one hand snaking to the button of my jeans.

All of this was done very swiftly, and I refrained from asking myself how often he'd been in such a situation before.

He didn't waste time with pretty words or cute compliments. He wasn't that kind of guy.

He pulled my pants of my legs, taking my briefs with it, and lowered his mouth to my sex, ignoring the shaft to mouth, instead, inquisitively at my balls. The feel of his breath and tongue against my skin down there was arousing in itself.

But the places his hand wandered had me hard in seconds, and it was this combination the feel of his hot finger pressing up my thighs, over my buttocks, into my hips that brought me to the edge before we'd even started having sex.

I was gasping into the empty smokey air of the light studio's back room, and it was dark back there, excluding the slgiht slant of white light that came from certain openings in the curtains.

His teeth and tongue were at the tip of my shaft now, one of his tireless palms working it's length up and down, up and down, up and do-

My mind may have stopped, but my body hadn't.

His hand snaked up the side of my torso, sliding over my chest, my neck over my chin to drift to my mouth, without thinking, I took his fingers into my mouth.

A slow groan came from him then, and the sound, causing the echoes of air to revertebrate against me in his mouth, brought me over.

I came suddenly and violently, accidentally tipping forward and shoving my entire member into his mouth and down his throat.

He swallowed every drop.

Miraculously, shockingly, I was hard again within seconds of having come, and I didn't protest at all when he wiggled a finger into me to make sure I was ready.

I squirmed against his hand. « Come on, baby, hurry it up. »

He ignored me, slipping in a second finger, and then a third. « You feel really fucking tight, » he muttered, more to himself then me, as he slid them in and out, « But I'm getting in pretty easy. »

I let out an involuntary gasp. And then a cry.

Finally he removed his fingers, and without the blinding pleasure to dissuade me, I was able to reach for his tight, tight jeans, wrestling them low enough on his hips to fish out his impressive girth.

Fuck. Girth didn't even begin to cover it. I don't think anything could cover it, and I wondered briefly how it had even fit into his jeans.

« What, are you half horse. »

He laughed.

I wasn't in the mood to do so. I wondered if he'd object, after this, if I were to take out some measuring tape…

I wasn't able to finish my thought because soon, too soon, I felt his weight pressing down on my abdomen and the back of my thighs. The velvet skin of the head pushed up against me, and I heard myself swearing, but wasn't aware at the time that it was me doing it.

With a slight groan, he sank into my, filling me to almost bursting and colliding with my prostate almost instantly.

I cried out, squirming slightly in discomfort/pleasure.

Cyrus paused waiting a minute to let me adjust. When he'd deemed me ready, he pulled out slightly, then sank in again.

His eyes were closed, and he seemed to be both frowning and smiling at the same time, he panted slightly, and his winey breath fanned over my face, cooling the sweat and making me grin.

« You okay ? » he asked.

I nodded soundlessly, pushing my hips up against him and bringing him deeper still. « Mm-hm. Yeah, I'm fine. » I paused, shifted against him with a groan, the decidedly ordered, « Go harder. »

This persuasion must have been what he was waiting for, because soon he gave proof of the fact that not only was he hung like a horse, but he rutted like one too. Hard and fast and rhythmically. Tirelessly, so I could scarcely keep up with him, I came again while he pumped and went on shooting blanks until he finally came, digging his nails into the delicate white of my thighs and filling me up 'til I overflowed.

We lay there for a while, him and I, until, finally, he sighed, made a contented noise of satisfaction, then proceeded to smack me on the ass, give me a long, wet kiss full out on the lips, pull on his jeans and wander out.

That, I decided suddenly, lying on the floor, still exhausted, was a damn good fuck.

Maybe Rayne was stupid ?


It was only after a couple hours of drowsy lying still and muttering that Colin finally disentangled himself from Duncan, pulling on jeans and thudding silently down the stairs, barefoot and barechested.

It was getting dark, and the house was filled with the unique and ethereal bluish ambience that cann only be seen in the scintilla of time between day and night.

He was dejected to find Corina in the living room, watching disney cartoons on his T.V..

« How nice for you to remain here long enough for me to tell you how much of a fuckwad you are. » he snapped.

She did nothing, didn't even turn her head, simply murmured, « I'm sorry for being a friend. I can promise it won't happen again. »

« Why the hell would you send me a fucking callboy in the first place ? When have I ever fucked one of those ? When have I ever given you any idea that I might enjoy having sex with a guy who does it for a living ? »

Then she turned around, smacked her little fist against the couch and went, « Don't you fucking try to tell me you didn't enjoy it ! I saw you fucking that guys brains out- »

« Yeah, before I realized my best friend and surrogate granny were watching ! Thanks again ! »

« You just had sex now ! What the fuck are you talking about ! »

« Me and Kane didn't have sex dweebsley ! Or at least, we didn't finish having sex, so that hardly constitutes having sex at all ! So I had to fuck Duncan instead ! »

A little sound, high and short echoed throughout the room.

Both angry, panting heads whirled around.

Duncan was seated on the stairs, trying to hold the jeans up and listen to the conversation at the same time which would have been possible if the conversation weren't so shocking.

« I… have to go. » he whispered dazedly, slowly wandering out the back door.

He was gone in seconds, leaving Corina and Colin to the harsh silence that followed thereafter.


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