It's alone in your apartment


It's in the parking lot

You'll wear your purple tank top

And have your hair in a bun

With pants, we'll never see your legs

Or your toes in those black shoes

You'll stop on your mark

And halt, when I say my line

I'll be standing, with my arms crossed

And then I'll let them drop

They'll hang by my jean pockets

Right beneath my green shirt's end

I'll crinkle my head and

Blink my eyes and continue

To speak

When I'll stop, your voice will break

Like the silence heard before

You'll cross your arms and speak

Softly, but loud enough to hear

And in your face, we'll see regret and

The need to get away

And in my face, you'll see

Death and my spirit fade away

And we'll play our parts perfect

We will not miss a mark

And when we're done

I'll exit right and

You'll exit left

And we'll take our bows in the dark