Let's save the starving kids – hooray!
Canned food drives and live concerts – hooray!
Public images we all need – hooray!
When they're just another mouth to feed – hooray?

Let's save the starving kids, I'll call up G8
Get an economic program from the World Bank
Get some funding guaranteed from the US president
We'll celebrate when the half that shows up goes to loan interest!
Let's save the starving kids, humanitarians
Rally all the hearts and minds to pay the private businesses
And you all thought that it was for a good cause
But you'll still see starving kids when the media gets a call
Let's save the starving kids, win some of your reforms
But still all across the world starvation is a social norm
Ten years later you wonder why, when you claimed your victories
Well no petty change is a solution for the oppressors' unwavering greed

So let's save the starving kids
We don't wanna' see their bloated bellies
We'll get riled up and feel good inside
And while fooling ourselves another kid just died!